Which Is the Best Resume Format For You?


There are different basic formats for resumes, but how do you know which the best resume format is for you specifically? Knowing which one to use can help you get noticed much faster especially by resume screeners who only give you a few seconds of their time. Here are four of the most basic kinds of resume formats which you can consider using when you are drafting your new and up to date resume:

  • Targeted resume – Especially useful for a job position which has more specifics compared to others or belong to more specialized fields, a target resume can be the best format for those applying for skills-oriented and more industry-specific positions such as graphics designers, software engineers, and research analysts. This is also much more beneficial when you have already had previous experiences in the same field which you can highlight on your skills section for the new position you are applying for.
  • Chronological resume – This would be the best resume format if you have had several years in the industry. A chronological resume would begin by listing the work history mentioning the most recent position going to the very first. However, make use to mention only relevant job positions held in relation to the new position you are aiming for. The educational background, skill set, and other information about you are listed after your list of job positions. Some employers prefer this resume since they can easily see which jobs you have previously held and somehow assess your experiences in the field.best-resume-format
  • Functional resume – Instead of focusing on what job positions you have previously held in a chronological manner, a functional resume would highlight your skills as well as experience. This can list down your achievements much better. If you have worked your way up in your previous company, made significant contributions, worked as a team leader or anything similar which can boost your skills which are relevant for the job you are applying for, you can highlight your professional achievements, skills, and experiences best with a functional resume. This can also be used by individuals who have some gaps in their employment history, or for entry level applicants who would like to focus on their skills as a potential employee.
  • Combination resume – You can list both your experiences and skills as well as your other previous job positions in chronological order by making use of a combination resume. You can highlight what skills and achievements you have accomplished as well as provide your previous experience. This is a great way to summarize a long career and back up your application since employers prefer knowing more about both.


Other helpful tips include using headers and good titles to lead employers where you would like them to read your resume. Also, pay attention to your layout and how you maximize the use of your space without cramming your resume with blocks of text. For easier preparation of your resume, you can use some of the resume templates we have compiled for you here on the website and see which the best resume format would be best for you.

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