Where to Find Online Jobs from Home


A lot of people find it more convenient to work on online jobs from home as opposed to having a desk job. Not only do you get to save on expenses, it also allows you to work anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. Online jobs allow you to take a vacation and continue to work, without the need to worry about missing a few days’ work.

Of course, working from home would also mean a different level of discipline and work ethics. Because you will be working under very little supervision, you need to have the motivation to work and produce the expected results within the time frame given.

If you have the necessary traits and skills and believe that working on online jobs from home is for you, here are a few places that Where to Find Online Jobs from Home could help you get started:

  • oDesk – oDesk is one of the most popular websites that people go to when they want to find online jobs, freelance or full-time. Although a lot of jobs posted are usually low-budgeted, you can actually find a few employers who are willing to pay you more than the others. You could also ask for a higher rate as you gain more experience and earn a higher rating as more employers rate your service. As long as you keep your profile detailed and impressive, there is actually a big chance of you getting hired as long as you don’t let yourself become discouraged by a few disappointments when starting. Just recently, a merger between oDesk and another popular site, Elance, has been announced. Although a lot of freelancers are not happy with the announcement, an assurance has been given that the two will remain as separate websites.
  • Elance – Elance is seen as oDesk’s direct competition, until the merger mentioned above. While their system is very similar to that of oDesk’s, freelancers often have the tendency to prefer one over the other. It could take some time before payments are processed here though, but some people think that they are also able to get higher payoffs through the website.
  • Craigslist – Although Craigslist is often seen as a place where you can buy and sell stuff, it has become more than that for freelancers everywhere. Craigslist has job ads that offer both full-time and project-based employment for those who want to work from home. You could actually end up getting higher pay from projects posted here compared to other websites, although you would also need to be extra patient in sorting through city after city to find anything that fits your area of expertise.


Having online jobs from home truly changes the way you work as a professional, giving you the chance to take command of your schedule and your work habits. Whether you decide to work as a graphic artist, a writer, or a virtual assistant, working from home is bound to give you better work-life balance and will help you feel that you truly are in charge. Nothing beats being your own boss of course, especially if you can also adjust the amount you earn depending on the amount of projects you take in. It all takes some patience, time and effort, but going for online jobs is probably one of the better decisions you can make career-wise.

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