What Words Should Be Used When Preparing A Resume?


With a resume, you can already impress your potential employer. How so? This is because potential employers take a look at your resume with scrutiny. While you are only given about 15 seconds when they scan you resume, they see every little thing—more like, they can see only what they want to see.

So how do you make a good impression with just your resume, and get that chance to be invited to a job interview?

Know Which Words to Use

You can catch the attention of your potential employer by knowing just what to say and how to include it in your resume. There are some words that can leave a positive impression on your potential employer, and these words can help you move one step closer to being able to land that job.

  • Nouns – Yes, there are a lot of nouns out there, but what should you use, exactly? Employers appreciate potential employees who are backed up with certifications, titles, or degrees. In your educational background section, include the related certifications you have for the job offer, awards you got specifically for your course, and if you ever worked as a protégé of someone big in your field. If you previously worked for a company who has products or popular brand names, include them as well.What Words Should Be Used When Preparing A Resume?
  • Quantifiers – Although technically not “words,” quantifiers or numbers can help you get more noticed by resume scanners. These quantifiers can give a concrete measure of how you were able to put your skills to use and help your previous employer out. If you were able to increase the sales, production, or revenue indicate the percentage of increase.
  • Action words – One of the kinds of words you should not miss out on, action words can also get you more noticed because they can boast of your achievements. Words such as managed, completed, operated, restructured, modernized, improved, validated, designed, implemented, spearheaded, and the like, can help make your resume scanner be more aware of what skills you have been able to successfully put to use in your previous job or jobs.
  • Buzzwords – These are very different for every job category, and knowing how to do your research about this matter is of great importance if you want your resume to get noticed. You can have a better idea of which buzzwords to use by following these steps:
    • Check the job description of the position you are applying from. This way, you can see what is required of you to do and if you have done these things before, you can use them as action words in your past achievements.
    • Check your employer’s website for their goals. If you see important words which describe what the company aims for, go ahead and use them—more than once if you can. Remember not to overdo it though!
    • Search for similar job posts online and note which words are most commonly used. There are great chances that you will benefit from using them on your resume.


It takes time to make an effective resume that can get you noticed. But with the right choice of words, you can get hired for that job you are aiming for.

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