What to Look for in a Simple Resume Template


When trying to summarize your professional worth and background on a sheet of paper, it is important to have a concise and simple resume template which can note all of your salient points as an individual. By doing this, you can show organization while being able to encapsulate what your potential employer needs to know about you.

If you don’t know how to start from scratch and write your own resume, here are some of the tips to keep in mind when looking for a simple resume template to use for your next job application:

  • The layout – This does matter for resumes. You can achieve a cleaner look while being able to present all the necessary information by having a polished layout. Think of picking resumes which make use of columns, sections, and bullets. An organized layout can help make scanning your resume easier and can maximize the use of your space. Also, remember how the whitespace matters. Sufficient margins and space in between text can make your resume more appealing.what-to-look-for-in-a-simple-resume-template
  • Text and format – Pay attention to this point of the resume template as well. Aesthetic appeal matters and in coordination with the layout, see how the text looks. Stay with simple fonts such as Times New Roman, Arial, or those which look close to these two. Having bold headers is good, but remember to keep the size around 11 to 12 only and use bigger text only for more important features of the resume such as your name and headers for some occasions.
  • Color schemes – Unless you belong to the arts and advertising industry, it is better to stick to a resume template with just black and white colors.
  • Sections – The most basic sections you ought to include are the following: name and contact information, educational background, career history, and skill set. Some individuals prefer including career objectives but this is based on preference. If the resume could still use some lines to fill up too much whitespace especially for entry level applicants, an objective would be good.

What Should the Sections Basically Include?

To make scanning easier, a simple resume template usually use column-like layout while presenting information. The educational background should include:

  • Name of the schools previously attended
  • Year of attendance
  • Course/s taken
  • Special merits especially for the most recent school and when considered relevant for the job position

For the career history, the template should have space or should already mention these items:

  • Company’s  name as well as location
  • Position you once held
  • Start and end date for the position
  • A concise description of your previous responsibilities
  • Achievements which are especially related to the job you are presently applying for.


It is suggested to have your contact information such as personal number, home number, and professional e-mail address at the bottom part of your resume. To complete your professional application, it is also advised for you to have a matching cover letter for your resume template.

Using templates can make summarizing an employer’s needed information to get to know more about you even with just a glance, and we offer professional and appealing resume templates here on the website for you to choose from.

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