What to Do after a Horrible Interview


Years of experience has taught us that if there is one thing that makes people nervous, it is interview. So what do you do when you have done rather horribly in yours? After all, you do not really need to wait to be told you didn’t get the job to know you failed in yours because sometimes, it gets so bad you can just feel it. Below, we offer you some tips on how you can salvage your reputation after bombing at your interview.

    1. Reflect -you already believe you have bombed the interview and after you have thoroughly beaten yourself up over it, you can reflect in the parts that went well so you do not look at the really bad aspects with such a defeated point of view. Ask yourself what you did wrong as this will make you feel more in control of the situation and not quite so hopeless.
    2. Learn from your mistakes – take out some paper and write down what you did wrong so you put thing in perspective. Do not agonize anymore as it is done but what you can do is learn from your mistakes so you never commit them again. Do not forget to follow up on your interview simply because you feel it is hopeless.
    3. Forgive yourself – it is unavoidable that you will beat yourself up over the interview but it is What to Do after a Horrible Interviewalso important to forgive yourself. After all, nothing good can come from constantly punishing yourself for that botched interview; forgive yourself and do not let it prevent you from trying once more. Accept what you did and move on.
    4. Write a note – give the interviewer a note- do not make excuses and do not whine either. It is better to acknowledge where you went wrong and make sure you only mention mistakes that you are sure you made so you do not call his or her attention to the ones he may have missed.
    5. Use a thank-you note – if you feel you have forgotten to tell the employer something of value, send them a thank you note with a mention of what you forgot to say. This is a good way to sell yourself to the interviewer and help him remember you in a positive light.
    6. Inform him of any distractions – in the event that your interview was affected by some serious life event of accident, do take the time to let the employer know about what affected to. Just make sure that your email sounds like an explanation and not like you are trying to make excuses for your short comings as there is a massive difference between the two.


Do not apologize for a bad interview – the fact that the interview was bad is entirely on you and there is no point in apologizing for the interview as a whole but, there is some value in sending an email and saying sorry for specific things that you feel you could have done better during the time.

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