What to Aim for a Social Media Marketing Career


Do you find yourself thinking of going into social media marketing careers? This is a great idea since social media is one of the most popular things today and more and more companies are looking to hire social media experts to boost their ratings and their sales as well. If you have a knack for social media then social media marketing careers may just be the perfect choice for you.

But wait—posting on Facebook and sending out a few tweets is just the tip of the iceberg. After all, anyone can tweet on Twitter and post on Facebook but it takes a true expert to gain attention and turn that attention into money. If you are really keen on social media marketing careers, below are some very important things for you to consider and work on.

Important Information What to Aim for a Social Media Marketing Career

As mentioned previously, achieving success in social media is more than just posting rants and raves on Facebook and Twitter. You have to be a master at what you to and to be a master, you will need the following:

Engagement – Posting a tweet is one thing but posting a status or a tweet that is engaging is entirely another thing. If you are to achieve even a modicum of success in your social media marketing career, you need to make sure that you engage customers. Face it, you do not want to just spit out information or send out auto-responds like “Like me” or “download my e-book”—that is a little too much like spam and you do not want to come out like spam. Engage your customers, talk to them and allow them to get to know the company you represent for best results.

Education – You can probably go to social media school and obtain a social media degree but it doesn’t take a genius to know that you have to be serious about brushing up on social media and get to know what works and what doesn’t work. Employers want to know that you have a firm grasp of the basic principles that govern social media. Simply by educating yourself as much as possible before you apply for a career as a social media marketer, you improve your chances of landing a job.

Writing skills – You didn’t really think you could get away with just posting links and pictures, did you? Writing is a large part of the social media marketing process and since most of the communication you will be doing is text-based, you will need to have impeccable copywriting skills and good grammar. You need to get the attention of your readers and you need to hold it so they go through your content. If you want to tailor your writing for social media, you need to learn to simplify your language and do away with jargons you do not need.


Familiarization of your target audience – Figuring out what customers do not like is a great way to know what they like. Understanding their wants and needs is key if you want to be successful so take a look at what they have to say and respond to and tailor your content accordingly.

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