What Should a Professional CV Template Have?


A professional CV template can help you craft just the right resume you need. These resumes help you achieve a professional appeal and help your application get noticed despite the stacks of resumes that resume screeners deal with every day. Looks do matter and with a professional CV template, you can satisfy the basic and even more specific needs that your potential employers would like to see.

Here are some of the factors you should keep in mind when looking for a good professional resume template:

  • Layout and formatting – A carefully crafted resume template has smooth-flowing layout. This means being able to present important personal information about you when it comes to your professional experiences. Templates have the enough amount of white space in between every line of text as well as for margins. The size of the text as well as the font used matters! Serif fonts such as Times New Roman and sans–serif fonts like Arial work best. Usually, templates are aligned to the left, but those which use tables and formats can have header aligned in the center.
  • Sections – Professional templates should include the most important sections and these are your contact information, qualifications and experiences, educational background, and skill set. Some templates also include space for professional references as well as a space for career objectives although these sections can be based on personal preference.
  • Headers – Headers are effective when it comes to calling the screener’s attention to where you would like them to read. These usually come in fonts which are set a big bigger than the rest, or are simply highlighted in bold to achieve a subtle highlighting effect.What Should a Professional CV Template Have?
  • Resume format – There are different resume formats which can highlight skills over job experiences and vice versa, entry-level resume formats, targeted resume, a student or graduate CV, or other more modern versions such as hybrid resume templates or alternative CVs which do not follow the more traditional formats. A professional CV template can help job hunters have a more solid appeal while presenting themselves on paper. Even entry-level applicants can get noticed when using professional templates.

These are the basic factors when looking around for professional templates. Here are some other considerations when picking which one would work best to suit your needs:

    • Which would you like to focus on? Some resume templates give you the space to list your work history while others focus on your skills and achievements. If you belong to the service industry, you can pick a resume template which highlights your skills. Work history focus can work best when applying for higher job positions as it can show how much experience you have.
    • Are you looking for creative templates? Some jobs require more interesting and eye-catching resume templates, especially those in the arts and advertising field. With professional templates, however, you have a much sleeker format which gives you smooth transition.


  • Would you prefer to customize your resume? You can always download a professional template and use it as a guideline when making your own, especially to give it your personal touch. If you prefer for more standard professional appeal though, you can choose a professional CV template among several which we have here on the website.

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