What It Takes to be a Cashier


For businesses where cash payments are being made, there are always the trusty cashiers who take care of the transactions. Because there are a lot of businesses where cashiers are needed, there are also a lot of opportunities for you to grab when you are looking for a job. However, before considering this job, you must first assess if you have the skills and if you can handle the duties of a cashier. Read on to find out more.

The Skills of a Cashier

You do not need formal education to become a cashier, and just a high school diploma will be enough for you to apply for a cashier position. In 2008, cashiers earned about $8.50 per hour according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics which is why this can be a good part time source of income or even a stable job if it is convenient enough for you.

Most cash registers are now computerized and all it would take for you to efficiently perform your job would be to enter the information you need. However, you must also remember that sufficient math skills are needed for you to be an effective cashier. Your basic math skills can help you work much faster while also making sure you aren’t losing money in the process.

You must also have good people skills because you will have face to face interactions with your customers. When you are asked about additional information about certain products or services your store offers, you must be aware of these things so that when asked by customers, you can best represent your company or store. Adding to the customer satisfaction will reflect positively on your performance.

The Duties of a Cashier
What It Takes to be a Cashier

It is, of course, a given that cashiers will handle money going in and out for every transaction. It will be your duty to make sure that the business is getting paid no more and no less than what it should be getting while at the same time maintaining good transactions for every customer. This also means ensuring you give your customers what they are due.

Businesses offer training for their cashiers to become efficient at work and know their duties before the store opens and closes. As a cashier, you will be in charge of handling not only cash but also card and check payments when it comes to these cases. Knowing how to proceed efficiently with such payment methods is also one of your duties.


Before the day ends, it is also part of your duty to make sure everything is accounted for, and depending on the procedures of your business, turn the money in to higher authority. Daily, or every once in a while you may be asked to give a report about matters concerning the money you handle as well as your other cashier duties. Being able to properly communicate these things to your superior is your duty too!

If you believe that you have the basic skills as well as the determination to embody this demanding job, you can send your resume and be on your way to become a cashier.

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