What is an Externship?


You are probably familiar with internships, but have you ever heard of externships? These learning opportunities which are also experiential in nature are similar to internships, but the main difference is that they last for a much shorter period. Here are some job tips for college students who are looking forward to experiencing externships.

Understanding Externships

Externship is basically job shadowing an individual, most commonly someone who is already highly experienced in the same field that the student is training for. The duration is much different from an internship which usually takes several months since externships can last from only one day to a few weeks. Typically, externships are held during a student’s spring or winter break.

Another difference between internships and externships is that externships are not paid, and taking an externship won’t be credited by the college or university you are attending. So why would a college student want to consider having an externship?

By shadowing during an externship, a student can tap into the different working environments that the person willWhat is an Externship? be facing during the time when he or she will already be working for a company. An externship can pave way for sparking ideas on where a student may really want to work and it can also help explore one’s interests further.

Job tips for college students may include having externships as a chance to feel how it would be like to be someone in the actual field—may it be just for a day, to help a student decide whether to proceed full force with the course he or she is taking, or to take measures and change the major or course itself while there is still time should an externship ever reveal something that the student may not like about the industry.

Planning an Externship

If you are dead set on becoming part of a certain company and you have a certain position you have in mind, you can get in touch with their human resources center and ask about the possibility of an externship and if they would accommodate you. This way, you are already beginning to make ties by getting to know some of the people in the company, and you can also make your mind up should you ever decide to apply for an internship in the same place.

What’s great about an externship is instead of spending the winter or spring break in an idle manner, students can explore the possibilities by being exposed to experienced professionals even just for a day. Unlike an internship where you will most probably be stuck to the same environment or set of people, you can enjoy different experiences through an externship.


Deciding to proceed or change courses in college can be helped by having an externship and this is one of the job tips for college students which can open a student’s eyes to the possibilities as well as realities that will be surrounding him or her once the academic life is over and having a job in the “real world” begins.

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