What Does it Take to Become a Barista?


Imagine yourself surrounded by the invigorating aroma of coffee. With the city dweller’s need for that caffeine rush, being a barista can sure be a fun and rewarding job where you get to meet new people while being in an active environment. But what does it take to become one, and what barista qualifications for a resume should you include?

Becoming a Barista

For most employers, baristas need no specific educational qualifications. However, having a high school diploma is most usually preferred and sometimes required by certain employers. To be a barista, one must first have at least the basic skills and

What Does it Take to Become a Barista

knowledge about coffee and making drinks. This can be acquired by attending training programs in schools, or having online barista courses.

During the training, you will be equipped with the knowledge on how to operate equipment for making coffee drinks, how to steam milk, and other basics like grinding coffee. Usually, companies can provide further training to their baristas once accepted.

Writing Your Barista Qualifications for a Resume

If you have finished your training and gained certification from a school or through an online course, you must definitely include this in your skills and qualifications section. Indicate which special kind of equipment you can operate, what special drinks you are really good at making, and additional coffee-making skills you have in bullets for easier reading.

Apart from the skills you need to make great coffee-based drinks, you must not forget that baristas also do other things such as serve the drinks, wait the tables, and assist customers with their concerns. You can include the following barista qualifications for a resume when you begin writing your own:

  • Friendly and with good communication skills.
  • Patient in dealing with demanding environments or customers and can work in a flexible manner.
  • Has a keen memory for details and particular customer requests.
  • Physically fit and is willing to work and exercise my skills in any part of the shop.
  • Attentive listener who picks up preferences to better please customers.
  • Values time and is punctual in attending work and serving orders.
  • Is open for further training while already equipped with (insert certificate name) to improve customer satisfaction and experience.
  • An honest individual who values the trust of both coworkers and employees.

Being a barista takes more than just knowing how to prepare coffee-based drinks and being behind the counter. You must show your potential employer how you are willing to go the extra mile to achieve the desired customer satisfaction levels that their regular as well as new clients have. By showing your eagerness to learn more and by giving your experience to a company, you can make them see how valuable you can be as an asset.


Remember that because of the multi-tasking nature of a barista’s job, your resume skills and qualifications should also show how you are flexible and ready to take on the different challenges in your environment. By following these tips, you can be on your way to become a full-fledged barista!

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