What Does an Ice Cream Taster Really Do?


Now this is one of those jobs that aren’t really mainstream so not a lot of people know what it entails. Why, there are even some people who do not even know that such a job exists and it is a crying shame since it may just be one of the best and tastiest jobs in the world. What job is this, you ask? Why, it is a job as an ice cream taster.

It may sound like something cooked by a person who has had one too many ice cream sundaes but such a job really does exist and here is where you will learn more about it. Who knows, it might just be the job and the career for you.

What Is an Ice Cream Taster?

As the name suggests, a person who works as an ice cream taster really does taste ice cream for a living but an ice cream taster doesn’t do so for fun. Those people working as ice cream tasters usually work for large corporations and have degrees in food science and the like. Like other food scientists, ice cream tasters work in safe and clean environments where their days are spent coming up with new flavor concepts and concoctions that will appeal to the consumers. It doesn’t stop there because ice cream tasters are also expected to evaluate ice cream for texture and smell. They will also check out ice cream based on consistency and a wide range of other factors.What Does an Ice Cream Taster Really Do?

The idea of working as an ice cream taster does sound like a lot of fun and for the most part, it is fun. But like all jobs though, there comes a point when it becomes routine and so some of the fun and excitement goes away. However, people who like their jobs will always find joy in it and the fact that a job involves ice cream just makes things somewhat easier on a whole.

For the most part though, this is a fun job that can be extremely rewarding and the fact that ice cream tasters get about $60,000 per year, it can be said that ice cream tasters get their ice cream and they can eat it as well.

Who Gets These Jobs?

Most people who enter this field of work usually have degrees in food science and are known as food scientists. One of the best ways to gain employment in this field is to gain employment with an ice-cream company.

How to Become an Ice Cream Taster


If you want to become an ice cream taster the first step is to educate yourself on what the job entails. The next thing you want to do is get a food science degree, chemistry, or business development. It is best to include brand management marketing courses in your course as well.  It will also help if you gain experience at an ice cream shop or gain apprenticeship at an ice cream manufacturing company where you can hone your skills and your know-how to become more attractive to employers.

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