What Career Should I Pursue?


It often takes a really long time to take all the steps you need to reach career success. This is why it is most important to choose the right career because there is nothing more frustrating than realizing that you used up all the time you had to build the wrong one. Before making any sudden decisions, ask yourself: what career should I pursue? Here are a few things that could help you decide:

  • What are your interests? One reason why people get burned out is because more often than not, they don’t really like What Career Should I Pursue?what they’re doing. Always consider what you are interested in and try to pattern your career path based on it. There is nothing more frustrating than having to stay behind a desk the entire day when you have a passion for travelling and interacting with different people. Not only will you remain stressed out most of the time, you will also lose your chance to reach your full potential.
  • What are your skills? Of course, skills also play a very big part in choosing a career. A lot of people may be interested in music, but not all of them can sing. In the same way, yozur interests may not exactly match your skill set. The good news is, you can actually choose to develop the skills needed to match the interests you want to pursue. You could also choose a field that is still somewhat related. Using the music example, those who don’t know how to sing but know how to work with different kinds of equipment could become a sound technician, for instance.
  • What are the trends? Unless you were born a millionaire, you would also have to consider if the field you are choosing will be profitable in the long run. Look at current trends and see what would fit your skills and interest. Know that you would also have to learn how to adjust a bit. After all, a lot of those who were interested in fine arts a decade or two ago had to learn how to apply their creativity in graphic or web design. Just remember that in case you have to make such adjustments, never let go of what you enjoy doing just the same. Leave some time to continue doing it on the side so that your passion for it never dies out.


Ask yourself again: what career should I pursue? Take each step at a time and do not rush into a decision. Assess your various interests first and imagine what you would love doing for the rest of your life. Develop the skills that you would need to make that dream happen. Observe the current trends and maximize your profitability while applying your skills in doing something you love the most. These three steps will give you the sense of fulfillment that a lot of people are missing out on these days. This is also the perfect way to get that “happy kind of tired” when you get home after a long day of work.

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