What Are the Things Employers Need to Understand About 2013 Graduates?


There is no doubt that the class of 2013 has some very talented people and they will all be looking for employment. The big question here is what employers have to do so they can attract the best and brightest of the bunch and to do this, they need to get to the bottom of how these fresh grads plan to seek employment, how they are motivated, and where they will be looking for jobs. This is a very big undertaking but one that will ultimately give employers the best insight as to how the class of 2013 will fare in the job market.

Job Experience

We have found out most of the graduates from this class do not have much work experience but this isn’t really something to be viewed in a negative light. Seeing as they are somewhat fresh, we believe they will be more likely to accept your office practices as normal and will not fight your system. It is up to the HR department to set them at easy by conducting intros to work place rules and expectations.

Where They Plan to Look for Work

Our team knows without a doubt these new graduates are very technology savvy and will look to social networking sites to help them land jobs. One site in particular that seems to be growing in popularity is What Are the Things Employers Need to Understand About 2013 Graduates?LinkedIn and is therefore experiencing massive growth. However, this doesn’t mean they are ditching the more traditional way of landing jobs and most of them plan to go straight to companies and submit their resumes in the hopes of being granted interviews. In our opinion, companies need to be open to the idea of walk-ins looking or jobs but they also need to make use of social media to attract applicants as it has proven to be effective and quite cheap too.

What Is Important to Them?

It comes as no surprise that nearly all of the grads we talked to said salary was the most important factor in looking for a job. To us, it makes sense as a good salary will help them meet their needs and have some left over for investment opportunities or just for travel. Other factors they consider important are career growth and challenging work.

Does Size Matter?

Surprisingly enough, most graduates we managed to talked to do not really care about the size of the company and this means companies will have to use other features other than their size to make themselves stand out and become more attractive to these graduates.

How Long Will They Stay?

Most graduates say they will stay 5 years at the very least while others stay 10. Whatever the case may be, we advise companies to work on their retention schemes to hold on to the workers they like best and the ones that deserve to be retained.

What Rewards Do They Look forward to?

Graduates want travel and they think it is the best reward. The next things on their lists are spa certs and other get-away gifts; they confessed to us that they have no need for awards and certificates of achievement it seems.

Their Feelings


Employers, take it from us,  you will be happy to know that most grads feel optimistic about their chances of landing a job while others just think the worst but only a very small percentage feels that way.

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