What are the Social Media Etiquettes for Job Hunters?


There was a time when getting a job meant you had to pound the pavement to pass resumes and wait ‘til you got a call. After your interview, hiring managers would then call your references and if they liked what they hear, you got the job. These days though, landing a job is a lot easier, or harder depending on how you look at it because you can sit at home and pass resume after resume to hundreds of companies using your computer. However, this process has one downside that you may not have been aware of and that is how hiring managers and companies consider your social media presence and personality during the hiring process.

Social Media Etiquette Affects Your Chances

Most people tend to take advantage of social media and use it inappropriately. They could post the most damning evidence that will work against them. Do you think those drunken photos of yours (a hiring manager may just decide to look them up) are very appealing? Those pictures you took near the animals you just hunted down? A representative from an animal watch-group you applied to may just decide to check them out. You may think this is just a piece of baloney but face it – the process makes sense. Hiring managers want to get to know the people they are about to hire and what better way to do it than to check their social media accounts?

Social Media Etiquette to Follow

Below are some social media etiquette rules you may want to follow from now on. In fact, you should probably sit down and start doing as the suggestions say because your social media profile may just be rife with red flags that will cost you a chance at a great job.

  • If you can’t show your grandma the pictures, take them down. This is a pretty simple rule to follow. Your grandma doesn’t want to see those crazy pictures of you giving strangers drunken lap dances in Cabo and she most certainly does not want to see those pictures of you draped in underwear worn by strippers. This also means you should keep them out of sight when applying for a job.
  • No trash-talking. Well, maybe this is a bit harsh because you may still indulge in some friendly trash-talk over What are the Social Media Etiquettes for Job Hunters?sports events. However, it may do you good to keep rants about your friends, family, and place of work out of social media. Do you really want the hiring manager of the company you are applying for to see you trash-talking your old boss? This is a rule that applies when you get the job, too. Never, ever post anything bad about the company or you get booted out of it.
  • Show them you are interested. Enough with the don’ts; it is time to talk about the dos! Show the company that you are truly interested in the job you are applying for by sharing and “liking” things that are relevant to the field you are applying for.
  • Always be on the grammar-safe zone. You probably have seen pictures of the worst grammar and punctuation mistakes made on social media; do you want to be one of them? Take an extra 30 seconds to punctuate or check the grammar of the status messages you post because they will go a long way towards proving you are the man (or woman!) for the job.

Social Media Etiquette to Live By


In 2011, a reported 89% of companies checked out the social media profiles of the people they hired or thought of hiring. It is understandable to think that your social media page is “who you really are” but will it really kill you to put your best foot forward for the world to see?

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