What are the Possible Careers in Public Relations?


Public relations professionals are behind some of the major events that companies have. These professionals are naturally effective when it comes to communicating and getting whatever message they have across to the public. But what careers in public relations should you consider applying for when you have the educational training for mass communication, public relations, or other related courses?

  • Publicity – If you have a flare for organizing events and informing people of important happenings for your client, you What are the Possible Careers in Public Relations?can become a publicist. Publicists can work for celebrities, politicians, performers, magazines, and the like. This is one of the busiest careers in public relations and a lot of times, publicists have to write press releases and coordinate with the media and other event organizers concerning their client.
  • Financial public relations – A lot of companies need a professional financial public relations officer to oversee that communication concerns about the financial state of the company is in check. Earning reports, newsletters for stockholders, and other communication needs which are related to money and the investments of a company are checked and managed by the financial public relations officer.
  • Marketing communications – This is also referred to as product communications and this is one of the careers in public relations which involve spreading the word about a new product or bringing about a buzz for previously released products. Professionals hired for this position should come up with the words for campaigns, packaging catchphrases, and the details about promotions and other product-related events.
  • Community manager – Today, community relations professionals or community managers represent the company they are working for in order to inform their clients more about whatever inquiries they may have about products and services. A modern twist in this career based on the idea of community relations professional job is managing online social media accounts where companies have their own representation through the community managers.
  • Media trainers – Public relations professionals who make use of their knowledge in media to help high-ranking executives, speakers, politicians, and other individuals who need help in communicating through various media methods.
  • Fundraising manager – Fundraising managers help organizations raise the funds they need for projects and other goals. They can work for several organizations or groups and organize the events which should be done to effectively raise funds. Ideas, slogans, activities, and the event will be planned by the fundraising manager himself.
  • Lobbyist – Lobbyists attend to people who come and go from building premises. They are your one-stop information center when it comes to more information about people as well as offices in the building. Their tasks may vary depending on the job description, but they basically represent the company to visitors, applicants, or new clients to name a few.


There are a number of careers in public relations and individuals who are equipped with communication as well as organization skills can try becoming a public relations officer. Because of the many different opportunities, one who innately has a gift for public relations can try for these jobs.

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