What are the Best Careers for Introverts?


People who love to go out, laugh, and have fun sure are great, aren’t they? It really seems like you can put them in any environment and they will thrive. However, you’re not like these poster children for extroversion because you are quite the exact opposite – you are an introvert. Does this mean then that you are doomed to jobs that keep you locked away from the rest of the world on your own?

If you are an introvert and you wonder what kinds of jobs you can get, rest easy for below is a list of jobs that will suit your special brand of uniqueness. Some of you might feel like your chances for a job are limited since you do not really function well with people and big crowds but nothing can be further from the truth. As an introvert, there are many careers that you can go for so check them out below and see which ones float your boat the best.

Best Careers for Introverts What are the Best Careers for Introverts

If you ask some experts about the best careers for introverts most of them will shrug and say “whatever.” It is not that they do not care but rather it is because they think that introverts have the same rights to go for any careers they want much like the extroverts. In the event that you genuinely have no idea what kind of career you want and you need a little guidance, then have a look at the list below.

  • Accountant – if you like numbers and relish the idea of crunching them more than you enjoy the idea of talking to your workers then this is the career for you. Not only can you work in peace but accountants get paid a lot of money and you can earn some major dough for sure. You will have to interact a bit with other humans but it will be very minimal.
  • Graphic designer – if you like the idea of being able to express yourself but not in a verbal way then this is the career for you. When you work as a graphic designer you can work on your own or with a team but since you will be kept so busy you will not have to talk overly much anyway.  You also have the option to work independently on some gigs.
  • Medical records and health information technician – if you want to work in the medical field but find the idea of working as a nurse and a doctor more than you can handle, then this may be the career for you. When you work as a medical record and health information technician then you can work on your own on the records. You will have to interact with people but it will be very limited.


These are just some of the best careers for introverts that you can find out there. There are so many more that you can go for. One rule of thumb to live by though is if you want to do it, then go ahead and do not let your introversion stop you.

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