What are Infographic Resumes and When are They Used?


They say that a picture is worth a thousand words and if you want your resume to stand out and speak volumes, why not use pictures? That is a bit misleading but what it really means is why not replace the standard resume with something fresh and exciting like an infographic resume? It is entirely possible you have never heard of such a thing before since this type or resume is a bit new but before you dismiss it as just another gimmick, get to know it better first. It may just be what it takes to help you land that job.

When you make an infographic resume, you take the words on your resume and convert them into pictures that tell a hiring manger just how great you are without using too many words. Basically, the purpose of an infographic is to take large amounts of data and consolidate them in such a way that it becomes interesting and easier to digest.

When Do You Use an Infographic Resume?What are Infographic Resumes and When are They Used

When you see these infographic bios, you will be tempted to make an infographic of everything simply because they look like they are a lot of fun to make and to look at as well. However, not everyone can use an infographic bio. There are some instances where such a resume is simply not acceptable such as when you are applying to a big company.

You see, these big companies usually use tracking systems to weed through the thousands of resumes they receive. These tracking systems sift through resumes and look for ones that have keywords that match what they are looking for. Now obviously, an infographic resume doesn’t use a lot of words and this is where you will get in trouble. If you were to submit a resume in person though, you might just get away with submitting such a resume although you better not risk it.

For those of you who are applying for marketing jobs in startups or small companies then yes, you should make such a resume only because it is a great way to sell your skills. When you pass a well-made infographic resume, you do not only sell your skills but you show them an example of what you can do. It is a matter of showing and not just telling; it is very impressive and will make sure that you stand out from other applicants.

How to Make One?


If you have some skills with graphic design then coming up with a great resume should not be a problem for you. However, for those that need a bit more help, what you can do is go online and take a look at some examples you can follow. If you really cannot make one from scratch then you can always visit websites that have templates you can follow. These can make it very easy for you to come up with a killer infographic that speaks volumes about you without using so much words.

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