What a Winning Resume for a Book Editor Position Should Have


Most people would think that a book editor only works on typos, grammatical errors and other mistakes that they can find when editing a book, document, or any write up. However, there is so much more to book editing than what you would initially think. And knowing exactly what goes with becoming one could help you in creating a winning resume for a book editor position.

What Does a Book Editor Do?

A book editor is responsible for reading book manuscripts, gauging if they are good enough to be published or not. This decision would rely on a lot of different things, such as marketability and general audience impact. This is what makes a book editor’s job more challenging. A book editor does not only have to take into account his or her own taste, but he should think about the rest of the market as well.

What Do I include in a Resume for a Book Editor Position?What a Winning Resume for a Book Editor Position Should Have

If you think you are up for the challenge, then you can start by creating a great resume for this position. Enumerate previous experiences that show you handling relevant tasks and responsibilities in the past. Everything that has anything to do with media, communications, or similar niches would be significant. A degree in communications, English or journalism is often required but this would also depend on the kind of books you will be editing. Sometimes, you also need to specialize in a specific field of study, especially if you will be going through non-fictional literature. If the need for a specialization is present, put extra emphasis on any trainings and certifications you may have. Add details to all your entries, putting extra emphasis on skills and traits, instead of tasks.

What Else Do I Need to Remember?

Remember that you will be working with people who write for a living. Therefore, how you write your resume will be a huge factor. There is no need to use deep words. The secret is in how you put the words together to create interesting statements. Keep things interesting and enjoyable to read. After all, saying “edited articles and other write ups” would sound oh-so-boring as compared to saying “assessed and critiqued an assortment of article submissions”.

You also have to remember that one of the most basic tasks of a book editor is finding flaws in a manuscript. Because of this, you have to be sure that you submit a fault-free resume for a book editor opening as well. After all, how will a potential employer trust you to edit other people’s work if you can’t even edit your own?


At the end of the day, the resume for a book editor post that you submit will reflect exactly who you are as a book editor. Make sure you come out as efficient and effective not only on technicalities such as correct grammar and proper sentence construction but on other important things such as the ability to be creative.

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