Unusual Jobs that Pay Big Money


You already know that there are just some jobs that pay big money- doctors, surgeons, A-list actresses, rappers, bank CEOs etc. it is just a given that such jobs pay big money. But do you know that there are some jobs that you never even knew paid big money? These jobs aren’t high-profile of glamorous but they do pay big bucks and so they are worth paying attention to. When looking for a job, it pays to take a look at the roads less travelled because you may just be surprised with what you find.

Big Money, Unusual Jobs

    • Embalmer – it isn’t really something most people dream of making a career out of but embalmers are in high demand. After all, people die every day and someone has to do the embalming. It isn’t glamorous and it does have some macabre aspect to it but embalmers ear about $43k a year!
    • Hotdog vendor – most people do not really look twice at hotdog vendors and very few actually want to become hotdog vendors. However, with earnings that start at $30k a year and reach up to $100k a year, it certainly makes you want to sell hotdogs.Unusual Jobs that Pay Big Money
    • Personal shopper – ladies and gents who have a flair for fashion, listen up! You can make a career out of being a personal shopper to fashion-challenged individuals and earn $25k to $100K. It’s a sweet set-up that shopaholics are sure to enjoy.
    • Ice cream taster – if you are looking for a sweet job, it doesn’t get any sweeter than becoming a professional ice cream taster. Of course, there is a science to this and you will have to have an especially sensitive sense of taste but earnings of up to $56K a year makes things even sweeter.
    • Virtual head hunter – looking for a work-at-home job? Sign up to be a virtual head hunter! You can stay at home and earn $250 to $10k per referral depending on the position of the person you hunted.
    • Funeral service manager – funerals these days are almost as elaborate as weddings. Throw in the gamut of emotions from loved ones and it can all pretty much fall to pieces. This is why funeral service directors are so in demand and well-paid! Get this job ad you could earn p to $73k a year.
    • Body part model – do you have eye-catchingly lovely hands? Are your nails worthy of being splashed onto billboards? Is your derriere shapely and firm? If you have been genetically blessed with perfect body parts, you can get a job as a body part model and earn $20 to $1000 on a single afternoon. You can even charge higher rates once you have made a name for yourself.
    • Be a live mannequin – do people tell you that you look good enough to be a model yet you find that modelling and walking down a runway just isn’t you thing? Why not be a live mannequin and earn thousands! These days, people will go for anything if it means staying ahead of the competition and live mannequins are a growing trend. This job could net you hundreds of dollars per hour. Definitely more than you would make in a day if you were to work for a fast food chain.


  • Genetic counsellor – again, this isn’t a job you would dream of in your younger years but it is certainly very interesting and the fact that you are helping parents determine the health of their future kids always makes for a feel-good moment. The fact that you are paid close to $56K a year is sure to make you feel even better.

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