Top Tips for Actor Resume Writing


If you hunger for the limelight, dream about fame and glory, and actually have the skills to become a great actor then you better get a move in and start getting parts. The sooner you start the more chances of you nabbing a nice role that will hopefully catapult you into stardom. Now, there are some stories of a-list actors getting discovered on the streets or the Laundromat and yes, you can be discovered that way too. But think about it, do you really want to leave your dream of fame and glory to chance?

For those of you who want to nab acting jobs you will want to audition for roles and when you walk in for roles you better have two things ready: your acting skills and your resume. Some of you may balk at the thought of having to write an acting resume but an acting job, just like any job, demands that you show credentials.

How to Start?

There are so many people out there who hunger for the same fame and glory that you do so it is never a good idea to take anything for granted. Acting may seem more carefree and less structured than other professions but rest assured that the competition is just as cutthroat and your resume may just be what sets you apart from the pack. So just how do you come up with an acting resume? Below are some hints, tips, and tricks.

At the very top of your resume put your name in big, bold characters. Make sure you have your contact details along with your height, weight, eye color, hair color, and your union associations. For other resumes, listing such personal descriptions are considered a faux pas but for acting resumes, they are a must since they help casting agents decide if you fit the character or not.Top Tips for Actor Resume Writing

The next thing you need to focus on are your credits. List any roles that you have played in musicals, plays, films, or TV shows and even commercials. If you do not have a lot of experience then get some experience. Even a chorus role at your local community theater will count. Another good way to garner experience is to volunteer to be a movie extra or just take part in a student film.

Whatever you do, do not lie about parts you have taken because it is a very small business and once they find out, you will be blacklisted and you can kiss your dreams good –bye.

Important Hints


One page rule- unlike in the business world where to page resumes are par for the course, acting resumes have to be strictly one page. In that one page, fit in all of your best and most important details.

Headshots- include a headshot at all times. Other resumes will not need headshot but acting managers actually want to see what you look like so make it good.

What not to include- Do not include other personal details like address and home phone numbers but to include a cover letter anyway.

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