Top Three Factors that Can Get Your Resume Thrown to the Bin


For job hunters, stressing the point that getting your resume noticed is a classic advice they must heed. However, you should also know things you may be doing that might lead employers to overlook—or worse, throw your resume out! Instead of just knowing what to do, you will have the edge when you know what to avoid as well when making your resume.

Recruiters literally comb through hundreds of resumes and to cut their efforts, the can easily toss out those which have these three qualities:

  • Resumes whose applicants don’t meet the basic requirements

For any recruiter, an applicant who doesn’t meet the skills they need for a job post gets their resume an automatic ticket to the trash bin. Make extra certain that before applying for a job, you identify your skills honestly and see if they match the requirements of the job vacancy.

This may sound like a basic concern which to some may be petty but it happens a lot more than usual. This is because a lot of job seekers follow the advice of other websites that they can go ahead and apply even if their skills don’t always match the job listing.

A mistake similar to this is blocking out all your skills that match their requirements by unnecessary information. Aim to make the resume simple and appealing to read while maintaining all your good points relevant to the job you’re applying for.

  • Not being fit for the culture of the job

Apart from meeting the skill set they need, it is important for a candidate to be a culture fit as well. This means making editions to your experiences and tweaking them in order to connect both your skills and previous experiences are perfect for the job.Top Three Factors that Can Get Your Resume Thrown to the Bin

Use terms relevant to their industry in order to get their attention. If you’re applying for a position at a bookstore or art gallery, mention how you take utmost care of your books at home or if you pride yourself in being an artist in your own little ways as well.

Don’t be afraid to show your personality. However, remember to still have a professional approach to how you “sell” yourself with your resume and not go overboard with sense of humor or being too casual.

  • Not paying attention to details

This is often where applicants encounter problems. Do pay attention to every little detail. This applies to the format, font, addressees on the cover letter, a well-written cover letter, and every other document or file which the recruiter has asked you to include.


In your cover letter, specify the job post you are applying for. Check and double check your spellings especially for the company name, job position, and personal details. It would be wise to have a friend or a member of the family go over your resume to see if you missed anything.

There are a lot of things you ought to prepare for when applying for a job but by following these simple guidelines, you can give your resume that boost it needs to get noticed and be far from being thrown in the trash.

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