Top Five Turnoff Factors for Resumes


A resume can be your ticket to success! Unfortunately, there are some things about a resume which can help determine your possibility of getting hired. Resume screeners can make fast judgments about you simply by looking at your resume. Here are some of the turnoffs which are subtle, yet make a big impact on the overall quality of the resume you hand in for applications:

  • Being too lengthy – A long resume can really say everything there is about you especially if you have a lot of good qualities. However, resume screeners really don’t have time for that. Sell what you have, your skills, and your qualifications in a quick and efficient manner. No need to include irrelevant past experiences to your resume. Keep your resume updated as well, and boast about your most recent accomplishments instead of the previous ones from several years back.Top Five Turnoff Factors for Resumes
  • Not having enough “white space” – Do not cram your resume with text just to meet the advised one-page resume. Make your resume look both clean and artistic by having enough spaces in between text as well as around the margins. A crowded resume is far from attractive. If you aren’t confident with your skills on layout making and formatting your document for printing, ask a friend to have a look at your file and improve it.
  • Not showing figures – Hiring managers prefer seeing figures. They love applicants who have invested enough time and efforts for their career growth. When you are applying for marketing, finance, or sales positions, mention just how much you were able to increase your previous company’s sales and how much improved with the help of your projects and efforts. Look for relevant instances which you can quantify. Measurable representations of your skills help become a more qualified applicant.
  • Lacking language with results-oriented meaning – Your choice of words play a role on how you can get potential employers to notice you. Thoroughly read their job description, match your skills, and do your best to use relevant words to boost yourself and your skills. You should also pay particular attention to using words which can highlight what you have already accomplished throughout your career. Apart from mentioning what you were able to do, say the positive outcome from your efforts as well.
  • Not sounding confident enough – Nothing makes a resume more of a failure than by not being confident about yourself. Assert yourself and your skills. You can’t get hired if you have doubts on your abilities! You may be nervous about not having enough experience especially when it comes to an entry-level position, but do not mention your fears. If you know you are backed up by your education as well as personal skills and dedication for the job, you have to make it known and be proud of what you can do.


Once you have followed these tips, scan and then thoroughly review your resume to check out if everything is polished. This helps you clear out loopholes and improve your image on paper while you still can to help you bag that job and have a fulfilling career!

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