Top 5 Best Careers 2012

Technological job opportunities going high:


Technology is a field that is always updating and ever changing thus it is one of the best careers to choose from in the coming years. No doubt, information and news nowadays are shared largely through technology, be it latest political scam or a fashion buss, people now prefer looking online for the information. Technology jobs are taking up high as there is a need to fulfill the demand for technology positions. Some of the most preferred and highly paying jobs in the technology sector are Software Developer, Web Developer, Computer Programmer, Computer Systems Analyst and Database Administrator. People in the technical field need to update their resume templates as the software development sector will open 143,800 new job opportunities by 2020 while at the same time web development and programming will add around 65,000 new options.

Healthcare job is one of the best careers, proved:

It has been so obvious that without the help of healthcare professionals it would become almost impossible to carry out our lives. best careersWhether we are welcoming a newborn into the world or having a little abdomen bug, we are ultimately interacting with the healthcare sector. Not only doctors but numerous other people we often meet are related to the healthcare industry, like medical assistants, clinical lab technicians, nurses, pharmacists, scientists, researchers – the list is endless. Some of the hottest occupations in the healthcare industry that will pay well in the coming years are Registered Nurse, Pharmacist, Medical Assistant, Occupational Therapist and Massage Physical Therapist. Being a registered nurse will be on the top list of best careers for the next several years. Not only this but every day around 274,900 pharmacists advise medicines to the patients and it is said that the pharmaceutical sector is going to boom with about 25.4 percent by the year 2020. Medical assistants, Physical therapists and Occupational therapists jobs will show growth of around 30.9 percent, 39 percent and 33.5 percent respectively. Whereas the career options in the Clinical Lab Techs, Paramedics and Massage Therapists are expected to boom with about 14.7 percent, 33.3 percent and 20.1 percent between 2010 and 2020.

Social Service is raising its position on the best careers list:

According to various U.S. news agencies, the professionals in the social service industry state that their jobs are not only by their choice but merely are a mission to optimistically affect others’ lives. People find a joy in serving the society hence it has been noted that there is a great increase in the opportunities and people taking up those opportunities in the social service sector. Be it Teachers, Maintenance and Repair workers, Speech-Language Pathologists, Counselors, Sports Coaches or Lawyers job positions, there is going to be a great increase in each sector in the near future. Notably around 140,000 in Maintenance and Repair work and 248,800 in Elementary School Teaching new jobs will be available by 2020.

Business Sector makes it in the best careers list as well:

As the facts state, the Business sector will open around 3.8 million positions in the coming years. Some cool business sector jobs that are expected to show huge increase in 2012 and 2013 are Meeting, Convention and Event Planning, Accounting, Sales, Financial Advice, Human Resources and Financial Analysis. It has been stated by the analysts that Sales and Accounting people must definitely write their CVs with the help of the best curriculum vitae template options available, as jobs are expected to grow at around 15.6 percent rate by 2020.

Creative Services careers – a novel boom:


Creative service jobs resume templates have always been in trend since ages. Artists and creative people have always taken their place in the society differently. Architects are the important profiles always as they create the way we live; designers fill colors and style to our appearance and public relations people help us to be updated with the changing world. As per the US Department of Labor, around 160,000 new opportunities will arise for the job profiles of architects, designers and PR professionals in the coming years. There are some other jobs rated highly in various best careers lists, which are taking up high in the creative field: animators, multimedia artists, illustrators and sculptors.

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