Top 10 Jobs in 2013


It’s year 2013 and can you still find yourself sitting on the couch whole day? Good news. There can be jobs that might fit you or at least the course you have passed and you can finish this year with a blast and experience you can brag.

The EMSI or Economic Modeling Specialists International and CareerBuilder conducted and have just released a new study about the top 10 jobs in 2013 that of course necessitate a bachelor’s degree. The study was made through using the rich labor market of EMSI’s database, which pulls above 90 state and national employment resources and the comprehensive information on self-employed and employed laborers. This is why they come up with these best 10 jobs of this year basing on the professions with the most added jobs since the year of 2010.

The Chief executive stated that the list they have come up with is purely from occupations which are on the upward flight in terms of employment. He also added that this will be the job seeker’s opportunity to get into the companies who are 10 jobs in 2013

Listed below are the top 10 jobs of 2013.

1. Software Developer (Systems and Applications Software)

Job Description: Focuses on computer systems and designs and publishes software to help companies attain market with social media and mobile technologies.

Job stats since 2010: 7% growth or 70, 872 added employments

Annual Salary: $90, 532


2. Accountants and Auditors

Job Description: Responsible for examining or preparing financial records. They also make sure that taxpayers properly and promptly pay their taxes.

Job stats since 2010: 3% increase or 37, 100 added jobs

Annual Salary: $61, 690


3. Market Research Analyst

Job Description: Provide assistance for companies to take a good grasp about the marketplace. They study the conditions of the market and examine the potential sales of a certain item or service.

Job stats since 2010: 10% increase or 31, 335 added employments

Annual Salary: $60, 570


4. Computer Systems Analysts

Job Description: Evaluate science, business, engineering, and all further data processing problems to be applied for automated data processing schemes. They can also oversee computer programmers.

Job stats since 2010: 5% growth or 26, 937 added jobs

Annual Salary: $77, 740


5. Human Resources, Training and Labor Relations Specialist

Job Description: Responsible for hiring manpower. They negotiate details about your work and all other specifics. They establish the good employee-employer bond.

Job stats since 2010: 5% increase or 22, 773 added jobs

Annual Salary: $55, 710


6. Network and Computer Systems Administrators

Job Description: Responsible for the daily operation of a corporate or organization’s computer systems and networks. They are also responsible for installment and organization of all or related on data communication systems.

Job Stats since 2010: 5% growth or 18, 626 added employments

Annual Salary: $69, 160


7. Sales Representative

Job Description: They sell products whether wholesale or manufacturing, scientific and technical to different businesses and organizations.

Job stats since 2010: 4% growth or 17, 405 added employments

Annual Salary: $56, 620


8. Information Security Analysts, Web Developers and Computer Network Architects

Job Description: They use their expertise on information technology to boost the corporate’s goals.

Job stats since 2010: 5% increase, 15, 715 added jobs

Annual Salary: $75, 660



9. Mechanical Engineers

Job Description: Build, design, develop and test mechanical tools needed for corporate’s mechanical operation.

Job stats since 2010: 6% increase, 13, 847 added jobs

Annual Salary: $78, 160


10. Industrial Engineers

Job Description: They abolish wastefulness in the processes of production.

Job stats since 2010: 6% growth or 12, 269 added employments

Annual Salary: $76, 100

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