Tips for a Good Housekeeper Resume


A lot of people do not really aspire to work as a housekeeper but it is in fact a job that can be rewarding on so many different levels. If you enjoy keeping busy and you love to help make people’s lives easier then this is the job for you and the pay is quite good too.

Overview of a Housekeeping Job

If you work as a housekeeper your job will be the same whether you work in private households or hotels. If you happen to be submitting your resume for a housekeeping position you need to make sure that your resume concentrates on the following areas:

  • Coordinating
  • Cleaning
  • Supervising
  • Record keeping

When and if possible you will want to include a list of your accomplishments and not just your duties under every past job that you list.

Resume and CV Tips for Housekeepers

To nab a position as a housekeeper you need to submit a professional resume so that you stand out from the crowd. There will be hundreds, if not thousands, of people who will be after the same job you are so everything you can do to stand out will be most welcome. Aside from making sure that your resume looks professional you will want to make sure you choose a template that will highlight your experience and education so that potential employers see that you are the best person for the job.Tips for a Good Housekeeper Resume

If you are wondering whether to place an objective statement or not, wonder no more because including a targeted objective statement will elevate your resume in the eyes of the hiring managers, ensure that your objective statement outlines your goals and your expectations from the job.

Your resume needs to list all your major qualifications for the job and your work history as well as your education. If you have undergone any kind of training for housekeeping, you will want to include that in your resume since that is a major bonus.

It is very important that you choose a professional looking layout for your resume. You may argue that it is just a housekeeping job but private citizens and hotels take this as a very serious matter. Another thing you will want to do is reread your CV several times over so you can catch spelling and grammar errors. These will detract from your CV and lower your chances of getting hired so take the time to do this.

Sections in Your Resume


When writing your resume, put your name on top in big, bold letters. Choose a font that is easy to read in size 16 ought to be perfect.  After that, include your contact details such as your mobile number, email, and trunk line if you have it.

Next comes your objective statement; remember to make it targeted and to outline your expectations and your goals too. Follow this with your key qualifications and your work experience and at the end put any trainings and seminars you have attended for housekeeping purposes.

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