Tips and Techniques for Writing Real Estate Agent Resumes


When you seek employment, a resume is your best marketing tool. It is through a resume where you can demonstrate your skills, experiences, and personal profile into one piece. As a real estate professional, your resume should feature your knowledge of the real estate market. Provide relevant and updated information on the achievements you have gained in your career. Write your resume in a manner where your achievements and accomplishments are highlighted and try to make it appealing at the same time. Here are some tips for writing real estate agent resumes.

Contact Information

On the top of the page, you should write down your name, home address, and contact numbers. Nowadays, many employers contact jobseekers through email addresses so jotting down your email address in this section of the resume is also important.


Write an objective statement on your resume. This is the part of the resume where you can express specifically what type of real estate job you are looking for. An objective statement should be no longer than two sentences so make it brief. An example real estate agent objective statement would look like this: “Finding opportunities to help home buyers and sellers navigate in the real estate process”.

Achievements and Trainings

List down your achievements in your resume such as awards received and trainings you have completed. This is an important aspect in your resume because real estate hiring managers Tips and Techniques for Writing Real Estate Agent Resumeswill look for the skills that you currently possess.

Quantify Your Accomplishments

In your resume, provide specifics in your achievement in the real estate job. You can write down money earned as an agent, the percentages gained, the number of people you supervised, as well as your closings and deals from year to year.

Update Your Experiences

Update your resume from time to time so as not miss any trainings or jobs you held. Prospective employers would like to know about your past experiences as a real estate agent. This way they can measure your potential. If you have been working as a real estate agent for a long time, you can list down three to four most recent jobs you have held. There is no need to write down job experience from ten years ago.

Leave Out Personal Information

Employers are looking for the skills needed to be a real estate agent. Your skills and abilities related to real estate must be emphasized on your resume. Be concise when writing down your skills and arrange it from the best skill you think you have.

List Your Educational Attainment

Your resume should include the school you attended and the degrees you have earned. Write down special trainings that you have experienced and other educational classes you have taken which are relevant to a real estate job.

Format Your Resume Professionally


A resume with a clear font which is easy to read can be noticed easily. Use wide margins; at least 11 to 12 font size and clear headings. The use of bullet points in your resume will make your resume easy to scan.  You can have your skills bulleted to emphasize them.

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