The Lesson Plan: Writing an Outstanding Cover Letter for a Teacher


Teaching the teachers how to write a cover letter that can stand among others can be overwhelming. Of course, teaching is not only restricted to licensed teachers. You can still apply for a teacher position even if you did not take up Education in college because you have what it takes to get the position. How do you prove that? You can put your thoughts into words through writing the best possible resume and outstanding cover letter for a teacher.

Cover letters within the scheme of teaching and education should build a target on the specific teaching position anyone applies for. These cover letters should as well accurately express the related experiences and skills in teaching. Even if it is not obligatory, sending a cover letter with the resume gives you greater chances of making a good impression as a way to land an interview and eventually be hired on the job you apply for.

The best approach to draw attention to the cover letter for a teacher is to make it more alive than ever and that is to create something out from your character, which will create an interesting aspect – one thing that resume alone cannot provide.

What Cover Letters for Teachers Should Present to the Interviewer

  • Show interest that speaks about a certain school district.

Showing interest in a particular school district can enhance awareness in the cover letter. Researching about the school and incorporate what you have found out in your cover letter would be an amazing idea to do this.

For instance, make a research about Long Island Elementary School on their website and try to focus on the mentoring programs they might have. Then in your cover letter you can state a sentence or two about how your experiences being a student teacher can help with the school’s teaching and mentoring projects and programs.

  • Highlight at least two of your teaching strengths and assets.

The two strengths as a teacher included in your cover letter can definitely draw attention to the hiring manager and build interest to reviewing your resume for more detailcover letter for a teachers and earn a spot in a job interview.

For example, you can write in your cover letter, “For over 5 years of teaching, class management has been one of my strongest points. Providing an optimistic and interactive class environment is what I always aim for my student.” That can already catch the reader’s attention and would want to dig some more information through your resume.

  • Express briefly your eagerness in teaching and letting the students learn.


There is nothing better than expressing your thoughts with the right words. Your eagerness will be useless if you do not know how to express them in words. This aspect is a helpful way to entice the interviewer with your passion in the field and might consider you to get the job.

Writing a cover letter for a teacher can be not as simple as you think; it is not as difficult either. Take these things into consideration and you might find yourself sitting on the chair you always wanted to sit on while preparing your lesson plan for the day.

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