The Cover Letter Template that can Help You Land an Interview


Many job seekers would ask why a cover letter is needed when you can write everything in the resume. Then, some hiring managers would ask back, is cover letter already a lost art? Because of the contradicting principles on the sides of the hiring officer and job seeker, cover letters are underestimated and poorly done. There are even hiring managers who would tell us that some cover letters would just include these words:

“Dear Ma’am/Sir:

Good day.

Please view my resume.

Thank you.”

What kind of cover letter template is that? Why would someone even spare another page of paper just to tell that you need to view the resume when that is expected?

To answer that, cover letters should not be purportedly considered a lost art. Employers would still expect them. Cover letters are important for you to land an interview for the job you applied for. It is like a hook that will make the employer want to review your resume. It is like the first impression of you in words. So if you write like the one exampled above, expect not more than 10 seconds of your papers in the hands of the hiring officer.

Factors that Employers Anticipate in a Cover Letter

  • The biggest percentage of about 33% is given to modified skills from the job description.
  • Another 26% is spared to the clarity of your goals.
  • 20% will be about the details on what to expect from your resume.cover letter template
  • Do not forget the 19% on your personal value.

The bottom line here is that when the employer requests for a cover letter, make something real and not just a sentence or two commanding the your resume should be viewed. And even if it is optional, it is in your paramount interest to send one.

So, what you need is a cover letter template that can build a positive impression and provides that hook to considering your resume and ending with a call for an interview.

The Effective Cover Letter Template

  • Contact Information

This will be the first part of your cover letter. It must include all possible information on how the employer can reach you. If not, list them.

Here’s an example of how it would look.

Contact Information:


Address (with city, state, and zip code)

Phone Number:

Email Address


Then, write the date you made the cover letter. After that, write the contact information of the employer using the same format.

  • The Body

In here, you will inform the reader what specific position you are vying for, why you should land an interview, and how can you follow-up.

  • The First Paragraph

This will summarize the reason why you are writing the letter. If possible, you can write convincing words that could grant you an interview.

  • The Middle Paragraph

This will comprise of the things you are capable of if you earn the position. Your specific skills and experiences that match the job should be highlighted here.

  • The Last Paragraph

Make the conclusion. Thank the employer and write in there how you will follow-up with the application and specify when. The typical time is one week.


  • Complimentary Close like “Respectfully yours,”
  • Signature

When you follow this cover letter template, then nothing could go wrong in landing that interview you’ve been waiting for.

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