Steps and Tips when You Email a Resume


The process of applying for a job is now made easier through the use of the company’s website and their listings for career opportunities. There are also several online jobs you can take advantage of nowadays, and knowing how to email a resume can help you apply for a job without leaving the comfort of your own home.

Things You Need To Check Before You Email A Resume:

  • Your resume – Is it updated? Does it match the job description for the job post you are applying for? Check out the requirements of the company and see what format they need your resume to be. Make sure to save it in the format they prefer. You can use online converters should they ever need your resume to be in a .pdf format. Also, note the filename you will use for your resume. Something like “First Name, Last Name – RESUME” can do if they don’t specify a filename for your resume submission.
  • Cover letter – Include a cover letter for your attachments. This can give your employer the idea on which position you are applying for.Email a Resume
  • Computer and Internet connection – You can’t e-mail without these! If you don’t have one at home, make sure you have a digital copy of your resume which you can save in a portable storage device so you can send it through a secure public computer shop.

How To Email A Resume:

  1. When you have followed the tips above, the next thing you ought to do is sign in to your business email account and compose a new mail.
  2. On the addressee box or the one that reads “To:” key in the email address of your employer. It would be safer if you can copy and paste their email address from their website when composing your mail.
  3. On the Subject box, you should write something similar to “Application for (Insert Position Here)” or “Resume for (Insert Position Here)” and observe proper capitalization.
  4. Write a professional introductory note on your email’s body box. You can say:


I have read about your opening for (insert position here) and would like to signify my interest for this position. I have attached herewith my resume and a cover letter for your perusal. I am looking forward to hear from you about a possible interview at your time of convenience.

Yours sincerely,

(Insert name here)”

  1. Attach your documents by clicking the “Attach” button or the paper clip icon to email a resume. A pop up will appear from which you can select your file, and you have to click “Open” to attach it to your mail. Do the same for your cover letter.
  2. Wait for the attachments to finish saving before doing anything else.
  3. Recheck your introductory note and attachments, and you can finally email your resume by clicking on the “Send” button.
  4. Wait for a few minutes just in case you get an automatic mail notification if your email does not go through. If you don’t receive one, you can check your sent items just to be sure you sent it.


It’s very easy to email a resume and will only take a few minutes of your time when you already have the documents you need!

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