Skills for a Resume – Which should be Included in the Skills Section?


Employers will look at the skills section of your resume to see if you are a good candidate for the job position that they have up for grabs. It is for this reason that you should know what skills for a resume you should capitalize on in order to be the top choice for the job position. When identifying your skills for a resume that you will be submitting, take the following factors into consideration in order to come up with impressive but actual skills you possess:

  • Evaluate your previous job positions. It would be helpful if you can write down the usual tasks you did and what skills were needed from you in your previous employment.
  • You may have had experience in several fields, but indicate only the most relevant skills you have for the current position you are applying for.skills for a resume
  • Consider your special skills and if they can be additional points to get noticed based on your skill set. Some jobs such as being a personal assistant require you to be more flexible and skilled in several fields, while others would only need you to be good in a certain technical discipline.

Skills for a Resume that You Ought to Include

There are five main skill categories which you should take into consideration when writing your skills section. These include:

  • Your communication skills. Can you communicate clearly or lead discussions? Can you provide constructive criticism or feedback when asked for? Do you easily grasp instructions relayed to you?
  • Interpersonal skills are also checked. Mention how you work well with others when group efforts are needed, how you are confident in dealing with clients and representing your company, or how you can help provide motivation and support to members of your team in times of need.
  • If you have good research skills, mention how you can identify solutions to problems through analyzing situations, how you can gather relevant information for the improvement of your projects, or how well you can come up with and gather factual information for your presentations.
  • Flaunt your organization skills. State how you efficiently manage tasks or projects assigned to you, how you set goals and meet them, how you distribute tasks to other members of the team to work as one group when asked to lead, and how you can multi-task and still work efficiently even under pressure.
  • Your management skills should also be included. Indicate if you have the skills to train new employees, coach and motivate your team members, implement changes towards the improvement of the work ethics of everyone in the team, and how you can take charge when entrusted with responsibilities.


Be truthful about what you know you can do, stay relevant, and try to incorporate a bit of each of the main categories of skills. Also, do not forget to mention specific skills required for your job position such as handling materials or being proficient in certain computer programs to show how much you paid attention to what you are applying for.

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