Shocking Resume Data to Consider


Finding a job these days is a lot like scaling Mt. Everest since it require is a lot of careful planning and preparations and everything seems to be an upward battle. There are just so many odds against job seekers and to help you realize just what you are up against, below are some frankly astounding resume data that will wake you up to just how dire the situation is. This is not to scare you but rather this is a way to let help you become more prepared and get that job.

Numbers to consider

  • The first applications come 200 seconds after a job ad is posted- what this means is that people are always on the prowl to look for jobs and you need to be alert as well. The more applications that are received the stiffer the competition is.
  • Nearly 100% of large companies use ATS and 50% of medium sized companies use it- ATS or applicant tracking systems are used by companies to screen applicants. This makes the job easier for hiring manager but a lot tougher for applicants. To be on the safe side, make sure you do not use any fancy fonts and that you sprinkle your resume with keywords so that it makes it past the systemShocking Resume Data to Consider

Tip: it is very important to make your resume pass the initial screening by the ATS because 72% of the time a machine will scan your applicant before human eyes set site on it. If your resume doesn’t have the appropriate keywords programmed into the ATS then you do not make it.

  • If your resume does make it past the machine and into the hands of a human hiring manager you have exactly 5-7 seconds to make in impact before your resume is placed in the “interview” pile or placed in the rubbish bin.  It might seem like a tiny amount of time but it is more than enough for them to tell if you are worthy of their time or not.
  • You may wonder why they spend so little time looking at your CV but considering they get an average 250 applicants for each job position they usually do not have too much time or patience to go through every resume they receive with a fine-toothed comb. This is a challenge for you: how do you write your resume in such a way that they see all you are and all you have to offer in 7 seconds or less? Do you use the traditional resume format or should you try one of the newer online resumes templates?


You know that cover letter you spent so much time writing? Latest figures are in and they state that the chances of your cover letter getting noticed or read is just at 17%. This might make you not want to include a cover letter but think about it this way: no matter how small the chances are, you will want to grab them since that cover letter might just be what gets you in.

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