User Friendly Options for the Best Free Resume Templates


If it’s your first time writing your own resume or if you need to update your resume to suit more modern tastes, using a resume template can help you. It’s not always easy to come up with a professional resume all on your own. Even the formatting can get challenging!

With the help of these websites, you can have access to the best free resume templates you can use for applying for your dream job. These online resources are user friendly and provide job hunters the assistance they need for presenting themselves in a professional way even if it’s initially just on a sheet or two of paper.

  • Career Perfect – provides resumes for different professions as well as levels of experience. Apart from providing you with the best free resume templates, you can also have access to tips and tricks for cover letters and how to fill out the resume template to showcase your skills. A plus factor this website has is that it has templates for fresh graduates as well as ex-military.Best Free Resume Templates
  • Google Docs – One of the most trusted names when it comes to resources, Google docs also has some of the best free resume templates online. Their gallery of resumes is offered by named contributors and you can gain access to hundreds of resumes you can use. Since a lot of people can also share on this website, there are many niches where you can choose templates from.
  • Microsoft – No need to look any further, when creating an MS Word document for your resume, you can go ahead and make use of resume templates from Microsoft. These templates are provided by specialists and named contributors only, so you can expect high quality.
  • Monster – From, you can expect an almost endless resource of resumes for almost every position you may be wanting to apply for. Their quality templates cover up to about 20 different industries and have an average of five templates for every category. Checking out resume models at this website makes choosing a resume for a particular job much easier.
  • Instant Resume Templates – With 125 links for free resumes to download, provides a lot of quality resumes. Since the number is a bit more limited choosing a general resume can be easier from this website. They also easily categorize resumes for different professions.
  • Resume Companion – From they have organized resumes for major industries and further break them down into the smaller categories and job positions for these fields of service. They also offer a free resume building tool apart from the numerous templates they can provide to give you a more personalized resume.
  • CVGlobe – Scan a number of resumes from . They also offer articles with resume help and tips for effectively printing and writing your resume. Their resume directory makes it much easier to find which resume would suit your needs best as well.


It’s not bad to use pre-made templates for resumes. Often, they can give you more organization and achieve a much more professional effect for your application.

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