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Examples of Resume Objectives


When making a professional resume, determining the resume objective is very important. With well-defined resume objectives, applicants can easily convey his or her work experience, accomplishments, skills and trainings and how they can be of use for a particular job position. The objective usually tells prospective employers how an applicant can be of value to the company.
A good resume objective is short, clear, concise and specific. Upon reading, the prospective employer should be able to easily identify whether the applicant could be of good use to the company or not. It must be direct to the point and easy to understand.

Resume Objective Examples

Examples of short and concise objectives:

  • Seeking position as an accountant clerk in payroll department but would also welcome working in other accounting departments
  • To obtain an IT specialist position and respond to all IT needs
  • Looking for a full-time managerial or administrative position in a reputable company
  • Seeking for a graphics design position where creative skills and advanced graphics knowledge is needed
  • To secure a position that is related to my skills and work experience as an SEO specialist

Examples of specific objectives:

  • Applying for a position of elementary school teacher in a private institution

    resume objectives

  • Seeking a position in customer service where I can help promote customer satisfaction
  • Looking for a managerial position where I can apply my skills and expertise in project management and handling people
  • Interested in writing position where I can utilize my skills in writing press releases and articles
  • To secure a position as an SEO specialist where I can apply my knowledge and trainings in search engine optimization

Examples of long and detailed objectives:

  • I am currently seeking for a position in an organization that offers good working environment and where I can apply my managerial knowledge and skills for the growth of the company.
  • I am a skilled and an experienced computer technician seeking for a job position in reputable company where I can apply my personal qualifications in my field of career. I am dedicated to my work and would like to help the company solve computer-related problems that call for my expertise.
  • My objective is to be hired in a position where I can exercise my knowledge and expertise in the accounting field. Ideally, I would like a work in a job that is related to comptroller-ship position where I have several years of experience working for a manufacturing company.
  • I am seeking a position as graphic designer for a reputable advertising agency. I have years of experience in this field and I believe that my creativity and expertise would be a great asset to the company I will be working for.


When making a professional resume, the objective is very vital because this is what will complete the whole format. The resume objective should be tailored to one’s qualifications, expertise, training and knowledge, and is not be copied from anyone else’s.

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