Helpful Pointers on How to Write a Resume


Learning how to write a resume properly is one of the prerequisites for getting hired for a job. Resumes are basically sales letters that promote the writer to the company in search of employees. For a job-seeker to find work that fits well in his chosen career path, then the resume should be made properly.
To help people get started on writing effective resumes, here are a couple of pointers that need to be considered:

The Structure of a Resume

When learning how to write a resume, there are certain pieces of information that should never be left out; the objectives, qualifications, experience, and training sections of the resume. On the objectives section, the person needs to write about the things he can offer the company if ever he gets hired. This part of the resume needs to be customized depending on the needs of each particular company. On the qualifications section, details are given as to why the person how to write a resumeshould even be considered for the job opening; these reasons can include, but are not limited to, the skills that are relevant to the job. The experience section is where the person details the other jobs he held in the past. Then on the education/training section, educational background and whatever kind of trainings or seminars the person has attended; it is best to only include the trainings and seminars that are relevant to the job opening.

Other Things that Can Be Included in a Resume

A summary of your accomplishments in the person’s previous jobs also make a great addition to a resume, but only if these accomplishments are quantifiable. For instance, a person can include the time when sales rose up 10 percent because of a marketing proposal that he pitched, or the time that he/she received the award for most productive employee 3 months in a row. These entries should be kept brief as much as possible, the prospective employer is only interested in what the person can contribute to their company, not in his life story.

Additional Tips on How to Write a Resume


Here is an important tip on how to make a resume properly; it should be easy to read, and not too long. A six-page resume may look impressive, but for the interviewer who has to look through dozens of these every day, it will only look like a chore. The average interviewer will only scan an applicant’s resume for 15 to 20 seconds then place it down, the resume should have given the interviewer all the information he needs in that brief window of time.

In Closing…

By following these simple tips and pointers on how to write a resume properly, anyone can make a good impression on their job interviewer. It is good to always keep in mind that resumes are the first chance that a person can get to impress his/her prospective employer, which is why it should be made properly.

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