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Making Potential Employers Take Notice of Your Travel Resume

Structuring travel resumes well when applying for key positions in the hospitality industry can pay off in a big way. Job applicants must highlight their most important accomplishments apart from citing their total years of experience in the travel and leisure industry. Key strengths and unique skills demonstrated, and the direction that applicants foresee for themselves, can be condensed up on the job summary on top of the first page of the resume, underneath the name and contact details.

Phrasing Travel Resumes Well

What’s important is to create a good impression on the reader’s mind. Job applicants in the travel field may write in the superlative when describing themselves in their cover letters, but if the resumes do not contain the right key phrases and fail to highlight winning areas of expertise, employers may not take notice.
Some examples of keywords or phrases that may catch the attention of potential employers are “demonstrated ability to expand client base,” “helped increase company sales & revenues, “helped generate huge cost savings for the company,’ or “responded to customer requirements.” By emphasizing the results of their particular endeavors, or how efforts contributed totravel resumes the attainment of goals of the department/overall organization in their travel resumes, candidates for key positions in the service industry bolster their chances of being shortlisted.

Highlighting Good Skills

Most modern-day managers, especially those in service-related industries like the travel trade, require team members who strive to be productive and can multitask. At the same time, they constantly search for employees who go the extra mile, are imbued with a passion to serve, or who can be attuned to diverse customer needs. In this case, key points like how job applicants managed various aspects of customer service operations, or routine tasks that can be phrased to emphasize organizational skills, must be included.
Some travel companies look for other winning areas of expertise, like if a job applicant has actually built or nurtured relationships with high-level contacts. Others check knowledge of various languages and relating with multicultural clients. Besides the main professional qualifications, special awards or innovations done while in the employ of previous companies may also be cited. Job applicants must convince potential employers how they can be assets to the organization where they are applying. Even established individuals with a track record of experience need to show in their travel resumes how their capabilities correspond to the requirements of the new job.

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