Technical Resumes

Important Things to Include in Technical Resumes

Most job application papers highlight the set of skills that candidates for certain positions can offer, but when writing technical resumes, the tendency is to focus too much on technical jargon. When writing a professional resume for technical positions like IT analyst, electrical engineer, CADD architect, and the like, highlighting strengths and important contributions must be cited. Among the key points that potential employers may note in resumes received from candidates for technical positions are award-winning efforts or projects undertaken. On-the-job trainings completed, particularly leadership seminars and product trainings attended, likewise need to be highlighted in your resume.

Other Things to Highlight in Technical Resumes

Modern-day employers generally search for something more than technical know-how when evaluating candidates for key technical positions. Hiring firms also assess the daily workload that a potential candidate can handle, and whether or not the applicant will buckle under pressure. For service-oriented firms, the ability to exercise good judgment and respond to crises when they arise and being able to deliver first-rate customer service, are also important qualifications.technical resumes
Hence, when phrasing technical resumes, applicants must underscore the key challenges they were able to handle in previous jobs. An example is how a manufacturing manager has been instrumental in delivering safety improvements to a car assembly firm. Such a job detail can be incorporated by the manager in his resume when applying for a higher-level position.

Steer Clear Of Very Technical Concepts and Terminology

Most job candidates for technical positions, in their desire to impress, clutter their resumes with technical descriptions of jobs they’ve handled. This is a common mistake of job applicants for technical positions like IT analyst. Since the resumes and cover letters submitted by applicants will most likely pass through the human resources officer first, it is better to write in layman’s terms. Job applicants must emphasize desirable traits and skills like being detail-oriented, self-directed, and/or being equipped with communication skills in their resumes. A technical job candidate can also cite how he/she has contributed to streamlining and improving company operations. These are some of the things that contemporary companies are looking for when looking to hire additional personnel.
In the portion listing career highlights, technical applicants can underscore areas of expertise and specific projects/tasks handled, but the exact role of the individual, or how the function correlates with organizational objectives, must be indicated. Main responsibilities assumed, like “preparation of financial business plans” or serving as technical lead” in certain functions and how these aided the department may be explicitly stated. Finally, when writing technical resumes, certifications and affiliations, plus references that include high-level technical heads, can be quite helpful.

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