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Starting With Student Resumes

It is not only the professionals who use resumes in seeking employment, some students do too. Whether it is for a summer job or an internship, student resumes are not really such an easy task to undertake.

What to Write and What Not To in Student Resumes

Student resumes, unlike those accomplished by graduates or professionals, can only boast of achievements attained by the student in school. Among those that can be placed in a resume are the extra-curricular activities that the student engaged himself in or the membership in organizations he is part of. Mentioning these activities will not only strengthen the student’s resume but it will also demonstrate that such student is responsible and reliable in his endeavors, traits that any employer would love to have in his work team. It is also important that he writes his best traits, his strengths as both a student and a person, and what he can offer the company if given the chance to be employed. The objective, or his reason for applying, should likewise be stated in his resume and it should be direct and specific.student resumes
If there are things that student resumes must necessarily contain, there are also those that are considered a big No-No’, one of which is needless information such as his being a Homecoming King or his “Most likely” award. Though it is good to mention achievements or experiences from school, one must make it a point that the information he provides is relevant to the position he is seeking. A “Math Club President” written in a resume is a plus point if the student is applying for an accounting job. Also, the student must never write something which is not true, for not only will this be a huge embarrassment when discovered by the employer, but this would establish an undesirable trait that would not just cross out the student’s chance of employment today and in the future.

First Impressions Last

Students must always be cautious, not just with what they write but also with how they present their student resumes. The format must be neat and must give off the vibe of a mature, responsible person. He must always keep it clean and organized as this, being the first thing they present to their probable-boss will initially reflect them as persons, and as the saying goes: “First impressions last.” In preparing resumes, one must always remember that though it is a simple description of who a person is, what his strengths are and what he can offer, if not presented well, it might as well be a mere scrap of paper.

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