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Sales Resumes: Selling Yourself on Paper

Your resume is where you sell yourself to employers before they even lay eyes on you. It is thus vital to make a good impression even when you’re nothing to them but words on paper or a on a screen. Do this with a professional resume with content that highlights your achievements and capabilities. You’re in the sales business: sell yourself with your sales resumes, and sell yourself well.

Start with a Good Sales Pitch

Set out to catch an employer’s attention from the objective and profile section of your resume. In this part, summarize your sales career in a few arresting sentences that use the language of the business in a way that highlights your skills and capabilities. Also state where you see your career heading in the future, and what you can bring to the company if they take you on. Keep it short and interesting, and you will have them reading your sales resumes in entirety.sales resumes

Results Count in Sales Resumes

Results count for a lot in the sales industry, and it will do you good to remember that when you write up your resume. Use the section on employment history to show your track record in sales: this includes the responsibilities you were given, the budget and territories you handled, and any supervisory responsibilities that were given to you, especially if this was a result of your outstanding performance. To keep things organized, list your achievements, awards or promotions per job, in a bulleted list beneath a description of the position you held. Money is of paramount importance in sales, and employers will be looking to see how you can contribute to a company’s profits. Play on this by using numbers in your resume: use percentages and dollar amounts to demonstrate what how exactly you’ve helped increase revenue, helped meet quotas or saved accounts from languishment.

Other Things to Remember

Also include in your sales resumes any pertinent training and certifications that you might have. These may give you an edge over other applicants who lack these. Membership in professional associations is similarly attractive, so don’t leave that out. When you are writing your resume, remember that secrets play a big part in the sales industry, and never compromise the confidentiality of a previous employer. Aside from being a breach of trust, potential employers will be wary of hiring someone who blabs trade secrets.

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