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Serving Yourself: Writing Restaurant Resumes

Resumes for the Restaurant Industry
Whether you’re applying for a position as hostess, cook, chef, server, or dishwasher, your resume will be of paramount importance when you apply for a job in the restaurant industry. These are a few tips that will help you write up restaurant resumes that will get noticed, and get you hired.

Simple and Clean is the Way to Go

This goes for resumes in most professions. Keep your resume plain and simple: employers are looking for content, not gimmicks. Make sure your name and contact details, career objectives, employment history, and educational background are clearly delineated. Use a font that is easy to read. It is of vital importance that your information is well-presented, in reverse chronological order, and complete. There is nothing more unattractive than a resume where there is an unexplained disappearance of a couple of years between jobs. Also, keep things professional: this goes for everything from the typeface to your email resumes

People Skills Count in Restaurant Resumes

Your people skills are your most valuable asset when you look for a job in the restaurant industry. The success of a restaurant hangs on the kind of service they provide, and employers will be looking for people with great interpersonal skills – relevant training isn’t as important here as it is for some industries, unless you’re applying for work as a specialty chef (but don’t leave it out of your resume!). Use your restaurant resumes to highlight your ability to work with people and satisfy customers. Testimonials from former employers will be useful, as well as reviews from critics, food magazines or newspapers if you’ve got them. Employers will look at how well you can work in a team, so it will be advantageous if you mention how you devote spare time to team sports or volunteer work.

Extras Will Give You a Leg Up

Aside from your professional history – and this means every restaurant job you’ve hand, right down to your summer job as a server at the local diner – and your education, there are a few things that can give your restaurant resumes a distinct edge. One of these is first aid training: employers see the benefit of having a trained responder on hand, as accidents happen in food preparation and consumption. Being multilingual will also help, especially if the restaurant that you’re applying for caters to tourists of different nationalities.

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