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As someone looking for work in recruitment, you should know that a resume is your first – and sometimes last – chance to make an impression on an employer. Show that you know what a human resource staff looks for in a resume by writing sterling examples of recruiter resumes yourself. Beyond the basic backbone of a resume – your name and contact details, an objective, employment history, and education – there are tricks to this, and this article is here to help.

Do Your Research and Use Keywords

Before anything else, you should always make resumes to fit the organization and position you want. Do research on your prospective employers to gain an idea of their thrust, their ideals, and what they’re looking for. Read the job description for the position you’re applying for, and keep it in mind when you write your objective. Also, it helps if you use keywords in your recruiter resumes: these will make your resumes stand out when scanned via search engine, as well as demonstrating your knowledge and skills. Catchy keywords in recruiter resumes include “psychology,” “hired,” “networked,” “coordinated,” “sourced,” and, of course, “recruited.”recruiter resumes

Highlight Skills in Your Recruiter Resumes

Highlight your skills in your resume. Start this as early as the objective where you say what job you’re looking for, and what you can contribute to the company in terms of abilities and experience. In the section for your employment history, provide a description of the companies you worked for – employers will want to know the context of your work, and they won’t always be familiar with your previous places of employment – and detail the responsibilities you were given, and your achievements. State the major projects you’ve worked on, and any new procedures or helpful practices that you’ve helped develop. Your contributions to increased efficiency, reduced cost, and larger revenue will also be appreciated. Use concrete numbers where you can, as these will be eye-openers for employers.

Polishing: Some Final Tips

If you’re concerned that simply listing your employment history and educational background in your recruiter resumes won’t be enough, consider adding sections for your major accomplishments or skills, or awards that prove your exceptional competence in the industry. This is especially useful if you don’t have a lot of experience. Be sure to proofread your resume when you’re done, making sure that it’s carefully written, cleanly presented, and worthy of a second look.

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