Purchasing Resumes

Writing Purchasing Resumes that Sell

The Importance of Purchasing Resumes
A purchasing agent’s qualifications center on their ability to procure good quality items at prices within a budget that will heighten productivity and profit of a company or client, and a resume is where employers look for proof of this. This article gives you a few tips to help you write purchasing resumes that highlight these qualifications.

State Objectives and Give a Profile for Purchasing Resumes

A resume should include sections for your name and contact information, an objective or career profile, a summary of your qualifications or skills, a history of your professional experience, and your educational background, all clearly delineated and easy to read.
Grab an employer’s attention with a succinct but meaningful objective. This is where you state your personal goals in the profession, and relate them to the job you’re applying for. Also, it’s where employers will start judging if you know what’s important in a purchasing job. Eye-catchers for this section include stating that you’re looking for a challenging position; are skilled at finding deals to save funds; or that you want to use your capabilities to assess and procure quality products.

Major Skills and Abilities and Professional Experience: Details and Numbers Countpurchasing resumes

Details count for a lot in these sections. As to your skills and abilities, state concretely what you can do and how well you do it: mention your best achievements in the top positions you held. When it comes to professional experience, provide a small description of each of the companies you worked for, as well as a description of the responsibilities and achievements you had when you worked there – what you were responsible for buying, the budget you had, the kind of supply base you dealt with, and so on. Numbers are important because they will concretely show what you can do. Employers look for specific amounts when you tell them your work improved delivery performance (by how much?), or that you saved on company budget (how many dollars worth?).

Education and Extras

You shouldn’t leave out your educational history out of your purchasing resumes, even if you feel it to be less weighty than your professional experience. State where you earned your degree or diploma, and the year you got it. You can also add a section for activities that were not part of your job but helped you practice or develop some purchasing skill.

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