Police Resumes

Police Resumes – How to Land the Job

Writing police resumes follows the same pattern as writing resumes for business related positions. Applicants must make sure that they are providing excellent information that would make it easier for employers to decide in their favor.

Police Resumes – The Content

The content of police resumes must concentrate on the individual’s accomplishments first and his characteristics next. Trainings, seminars and achievements should be highlighted at police resumes, preferable in bullet form. As much as possible, the resume must provide definite examples of the applicant’s performance. For example, a police officer who managed to be part of a unit that reduced the crime rate in an area by 10% would be an excellent feather in the applicant’s cap.

Interpersonal skills are also highly valued in the profession. When not in the field, clerical work comprises a large portion of an officer’s time so applicants need to highlight their police resumesknowledge of law enforcement procedures. Some of the buzzwords in this field include “leadership” and “strong interpersonal skills”. Make sure to list down previous jobs held for the last ten years and what duties each position entailed. For entry-level applicants, concentrate on what he or she can do for the hiring company.

The Interview

Like it or not, police officers are expected to be trim individuals who are capable of getting physical if need be. This is why during the interview; applicants must show interviewers that they are physically able of performing the task needed for the job. A professionally neat outfit with excellent carriage would always stand out during the application process. Body language also counts a lot. Individuals must show confidence in the way they stand, sit, walk or answer questions. In order to do this, applicants can study their resume beforehand and anticipate what questions the interviewer might ask.

The way police resumes are presented would be a large factor for getting hired. However, when it comes to this job, the interview might be the crucial factor. Applicants must show that they are perfectly capable of everything that was stated in their resume. Note that applying for a place in law enforcement usually means following very specific procedures. It is strongly suggested that applicants follow these rules and regulations, right down to the request of using a stapler rather than a paper clip. Police officers are expected to follow a strict code and are usually considered to be strong individuals with a bit of power. Hence, it only makes sense that they are disciplined and follow orders to the letter.

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