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Nursing Resumes – Applying for a Nursing Position

Nursing resumes do not follow the usual pattern of a 2-page application. Considering how much skill, stamina and willpower it takes to succeed in nursing, it only makes sense that the resume reflects these kinds of characteristics. For this reason, applicants need to be careful when creating their own.

Nursing Resumes – The Content

The more experience a nursing professional has, the better. Of course, first time applicants need not worry because they can still land the type of job they want. The trick is to be able to create the resume correctly. That being said – the first tip when preparing nursing resumes is to be as complete as possible. Every experience related to the job is important and could be helpful in weighing the odds in a person’s favor. Ideally, the resume should contain the kind of surgeries the nurse has participated in, the different procedures they are capable of doing and the different sector of medicine they might have worked in. Describe the different duties one has gone through during their past job and what they have contributed to the office.

However, it isn’t just the technical aspect that needs work. Keep in mind that nursing resumes are a person’s way of pre-selling themselves to the job. Hence, applicants must learn to readnursing resumes between the lines and deliver exactly what the employer is asking for. For example, if the hospital is looking for an ER nurse, then applicants must state their ability to remain calm and alert during emergency situations. Nurses from the ward must be good with socializing and calming people down. These might seem like little things, but it could definitely tip the scale when competing with several other nurses.

The Interview

During the interview, applicants must show their employers how adept they are for the job. It is important to note that compared to other job interviews, nursing applicants must look perfectly impeccable in what they wear. This means highly clean clothes, trimmed nails, bound hair and as little jewelry as possible. Applicants should show employers that they are perfectly aware of the demands of the job and are willing to deliver what is necessary. Make sure to read the resume before hand to easily anticipate any questions the employer might have. Practicing the in front of the mirror would also go a long way in remaining calm during the interview.

Nursing resumes can be as long as the applicant wants as long as everything written is relevant to the position they are aiming for.

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