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Military Resumes – How to Create a Good Resume

Military resumes are job applications wherein a person from the military is aiming to occupy a civilian job. This type of resume can be very tricky to do because applicants need to translate their strong military skills into something that would prove useful in a civilian setting. That being said, following are some tips on how this can be done.

Military Resumes – The Content

One of the most important things to remember when writing military resumes is that there’s a good chance the employer doesn’t understand “military speak”. This means that ranks, job descriptions and responsibilities must be properly translated into civilian terminologies. A good example of this would be stating a specific award such as an Achievement Medal and then stating what it was for. If it was developing or implementing a new system, explain how this system actually helped the situation. As much as possible, use figures such as “increased military resumespunctuality rate by as much as 50% during the first few months of implementation” since this would provide employers with more concrete information to base their decisions on. List down attributes, accomplishments and awards that are RELATED to the position.

The Interview

Keep in mind that the interview matters as much as the resume. While military resumes will show just how fitting the applicant is for the position, the outcome of the interview will essentially seal the deal. Typically, those who are switching from military service to civilian jobs needs to show employers that they are very sociable. It is a common misconception that the military makes men strict and hard to work with. This is actually the opposite as the military hones team work, patience, leadership and discipline. Applicants should state these out in their resume as well as embody the characteristics during the interview. Ideally, they should be controlled but friendly during the interview, maintaining a professional air throughout the talk.

Like the resumes, the interview process must be done in “civilian” speak. Individuals must be ready to talk about their responsibilities in the most basic words possible. In order to do this, applicants are advised to review their resumes before actually going out for the interview. Note that although service in active combat is admirable, glossing over the details is not always a good way to get hired.

Military resumes are unique in the sense that they are like shifting from one different industry to another. This is why applicants should make sure that their resumes are as polished as possible. Read and reread that application and make sure to verbally practice for the interview.

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