Medical Resumes

Medical Resumes – Landing a Job in the Medical Field

Creating medical resumes are nothing like job applications for other positions. Considering how this profession requires highly skilled individuals, it only makes sense that the resume provides a good portion of this “skill” to the employer.

Medical Resumes – The Content

Medical resumes should be as well padded as possible. Remember that in this sort of job, experience is highly valued. Of course, applicants who don’t have the necessary experience can still be noticed if they do things correctly. When it comes to medical applications, the 2-page rule doesn’t apply. This is because applicants should make sure that ALL their qualifications are placed in the resume. For example, nurses should note all the surgeries they have participated in as well as all the medical instruments that they are practiced in using. Good examples of this include assessment, cardiac care, IV therapy, partial hip replacement, trauma and others.

The different trainings that the applicant has gone through should also be noted along with the accompanying documents. Keep in mind though that the resume should not concentrate onmedical resumes the technical aspect of the job. One of the things medical applicants usually forget to add is their rapport with patients. This is crucial because medical professionals typically encounter individuals who are at the end of their patience, in pain or desperate. Hence, it is always an asset to include “strong patient and colleague rapport” in the resume to indicate that the applicant is capable of handling the stress brought by the social side of the job.

The Interview

Note that medical resumes are only the first step towards getting hired. The interview occupies a large percentage of the decision so individuals need to makes sure that they look their best for the interview. One of the most important tips here is that the applicant should look as clean and as orderly as possible. This is highly valued in the medical professional regardless of whether a person would be meeting patients or not. Nails should be properly trimmed while the hair is cut clean or bound. Prior to the interview, it is always best if the applicant first studies the resume they gave the individual. Some employers like to “test” an applicant by asking them how a specific surgery proceeds so make sure to be fully aware of what is written in the resume.

When it comes right down to it, proper preparation is the best way to land a job in the medical field. Hence, medical resumes should be reviewed multiple times before being passed.


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