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How to Give Marketing Resumes a Great Personality

Marketing professionals are fully aware of the importance of product or company branding. The strategy can also be exploited when making marketing resumes to build up their own brands so they can convey their value, stand above the competition, and win the job.

Marketing Resumes as an Effective Marketing Tool

These resumes are one of the most important marketing documents that marketing professionals or would-be professionals must accomplish, if not the most important. The key is to use the same principles when creating great and effective marketing campaigns to craft winning marketing resumes that guarantees to stand out from the crowd.

Where It All Starts

It all starts with the career’s objective, which is the value statement. This component of the winning resume summarizes the key strengths and the value that candidates presents to employers. If candidates can highlight what their career encompasses and present their significant accomplishments, they can bet they already have the employer’s attention.

Emphasizing the Benefits, and Not the Features

An added bonus to marketing professionals is their big advantage in career writing, and in selling themselves in general. They are already well versed in marketing products. They can usemarketing resumes what they have learned by highlighting the benefits in store for the employers should they be hired, and not their features. This is the right way to market themselves on paper. If they can prove their impact to the company, chances are they will get the job.

Highlight Accomplishments

Rather than start with a detailed list of various job titles and the responsibilities that comes along such titles, candidates are better starting out using high-level and concise qualifications summary of all the major skill sets, including the accomplishments. Added capabilities that position candidates to meet all the requirements for the specific job also provide effective support to the whole effort.

  • Winning Marketing Keywords
  • The following keywords reflect different areas in specialization all over the marketing field.
  • Competitive market analysis
  • Relationship building
  • Strategic planning skills
  • Business development
  • Direct and channel marketing
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Trade show presentation and management, and
  • E-commerce development and strategy

The Need for Miscellaneous Information

It remains to this day that mention of memberships to professional associations or having held various positions within trade association will definitely help the cause of the candidates. Forget about various interests and hobbies. It only cheapens marketing resumes. If the hiring mangers want to know about them, they can always ask.

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