Manager Graduate Resume


Frances O’Malley

604 Harmony Lane

Pleasantville, CA 94588

(925) 555-1234

Public Administraion
• Management • Financial Analyst • Consultant • Corporate Law

Political Science graduate committed to delivering high quality, responsive services. Practical projects and teamwork experiences during degree studies
have revealed exceptional strengths in critical problem solving, analysis, project leadership and troubleshooting. Easily adaptable to change, with an
eagerness towards learning and expanding capabilities.


B.A. Political Science


University of Memphis, Memphis, TN

Extracurricular activities included positions of leadership as well as additional work on teams and committees.

  • Completed course work in public policy which has significantly contributed to knowledge of public problems, policy making, and policy
  • Completed courses in American Government, Policy Perspective, Judicial Process, and Interest Groups which provided background of the court
    systems, development and structure of the government and the role and impact of interest groups.


  • Consistently commended throughout studies for ability to work a contributing team member or independently while achieving critical deadlines for
    project completion.
  • Strong communication skills; able to interpret procedural concepts to anyone.
  • Highly skilled in problem analysis; proven ability to assess and hurdle obstacles; viewed as an outstanding troubleshooter.
  • Personal strengths include an outstanding work ethic, persistence, and organizational skills.
  • Solid background in customer-centered work environments underscores commitment to high quality service delivery and rapid response.



Design simplified law seminar using specific disciplines and industries.

Action & Result

Analyzed and designed organization functionalities using diagrams, graphs, and charts. Produced written report including detailed analysis and
processes, and presented results on challenges faced with creating new processes for special industries and the laws that applies to them.


Feasibility study of civil rights in the corporate world.

Action & Result

Defined problem, recommened solution and conducted feasibility assessment. Produced detailed feasibility report and orla presentation on proposal.


Financial challenges within a project, how to expand business while maintaining core clients and profitability and financial stability.

Action & Result

Implemented customer follow-up strategies to increase referrals and profitability. Achieved strong, sustained revenue improvement.Increase customer
loyalty by 30%. All customers serviced increased orders by over 100% in 3 years.


  • Internet
  • Power point · Windows
  • Microsoft Word · Lexus Nexus · Contract Review
  • Excel · Public Speaking · Client Relationship Management
  • Critical Problem Solving · Strategic Planning · Productivity

Moderate Spanish Speaker



Missionary Volunteer

Prince of Peace Moravian Church, West Palm Beach, FL – Worked in Nicaragua for 3 weeks building churches

2008 to Present

Mentor Program

The greater community of Memphis, TN – Worked one-on-one with local youth in the subject of Arithmetic, English and Social Studies

2008 to Present

Athletic Assistant Volunteer

Help local athletic programs in driving children from event to event, prepare equipment pre and post practice and ensure safety of the children
throughout the entire activity


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