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Writing Good Insurance Resumes: Ensure Yourself a Job in Insurance

Insurance companies protect their clients against loss, offering them financial protection in the event of unexpected damaging events. Having insurance gives individuals security, and allows larger corporations to operate more freely than they would otherwise. If you want to get into the business, you will need to have good communication skills, a genuine care for people, and the ability to handle the pressure of a job in this sector, in addition to an understanding of the business. And if you can convey all of that in well-written insurance resumes, you will give yourself an edge when you look for a job in the insurance sector.

Choose the Format That Fits You

The first thing you need to do is choose the resume format that fits your skills and background. If you have had extensive work experience in insurance, you can highlight this in a chronological resume. On the other hand, if you are only now seeking to break into the business, a skills-based resume that showcases skillsinsurance resumes that are an advantage in any field – like leadership and management – will do you good. You can also use a combination resume if you feel that that it what will show you to an advantage. Whatever format you choose, remember to keep them short and succinct, making every bullet point count. Also, start off with an objective that addresses the needs of the company, keeping in mind the position you want. Numbers are important in insurance, so be sure to include them: mention numbers when you speak of premiums, revenues, loss ratios, clients and the growth of your book of business.

Use Your Employment History to Tell the Story of Your Achievements

Instead of having a separate section for your achievements in your insurance resumes, it is desirable that you put them into the context of your employment history instead. Employers will get a better idea of the individual roles you have played if you include a bullet below the positions you’ve held that details what you have achieved for each one. It is a plus if you can demonstrate a knowledge of financial modeling and business development here.

Finishing Touches for Your Insurance Resumes

Keep the tone of your resume positive and confident. Check and double-check to make sure you have written honest, correctly spelled, employer-directed insurance resumes that demonstrate the advantages you will bring to their company when they hire you.

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