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Put Your Skills to Use: Writing Human Resources Resumes

A job in human resources would involve quite a number of different aspects of handling a company’s employees, from ensuring their proper compensation to implementing their training to hiring new personnel. The last part automatically raises expectations of you when you apply for an HR position: employers will expect you to know the tricks of the trade well enough to turn in sterling examples of human resources resumes. The following tips will help you meet – and exceed – expectations.

Choose the Right Format for Your Human Resources Resumes

The first thing you should do when writing your resume is to choose the format that is right for your specific history and abilities. A chronological resume will showcase the experience you gained during your employment history. If your previous jobs didn’t make use of all of your abilities, you might want to use a skills based resume instead. Alternatively, you could human resources resumesuse a combination of the two styles. Whichever you choose, remember to include all the necessary information: contact details, educational background, certifications, memberships with trade groups, and an employment history that provides a brief description of the companies you worked for and your responsibilities and achievements with them. Make sure your resume reflects your understanding of HR policies and their impact on business.

Play Up on Your Skills

The thing is, skills play no little part in an application for a human resources job. Employers will be looking for your ability to select personnel, implement training and development, deal with labor disputes, handle compensation policies, and provide counseling for employees. Use your resume to show your skills: don’t be afraid to go into a little bit of detail as you tell how you were involved in the implementation of new policies, or how you helped achieve notable improvements in employee satisfaction. Demonstration of leadership skills is desirable, as is proof of how much of a people person you are – human resources is, after all, ultimately about dealing with other people.

Polish and Proofread

Check and double-check your human resources resumes before submitting them. There are few things as off-putting as missing details or blatant mistakes in spelling or grammar in a resume from someone who, by virtue of their profession, should know better. It will help if you can ask someone else to read it through for you: an outside eye may detect errors that you would have missed on your own.


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