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Government Resumes: Making Yours Salute-Worthy

Government jobs offer security, flexibility, possibilities for improvement and a wide range of benefits, even if these jobs do not really pay as much per hour as the same jobs in the private sector. There are also limited opportunities for government hiring, so it’s no surprise that you will face pretty stiff competition if you go looking for jobs in the public sector. Keep ahead of the game by writing a winning resume tailored to fit the position you want. This is not quite the same task as coming up with a general resume: government resumes often require more information, should be written in chronological format, and will sometimes need to meet other specifications detailed in the job announcement.

Keep It Short, Simple and Strong

As with conventional resumes, however, you will need to keep your government resumes short and simple without sacrificing content. Present your information in a firm, concise, and confident style that provides a condensed but powerful picture of your experience and abilities and how they are relevant to the position you’re applying for. Try to limit yourself to one government resumespage unless absolutely necessary (if, for instance, you have multiple degrees, pertinent publications, and many years of relevant experience) as this is often the required length for a government resume. As to language, remember that the hiring managers who will have the first look at your resume may not be experts in your field: if you talk too much jargon, your resume may be passed over simply because someone may not have known it was relevant.

Follow Instructions When Writing Government Resumes

You will usually be submitting your resumes in response to job announcements that are put up when openings are available, and these will often include instructions regarding what you should include in your application. Provide any additional information you’re asked for (for example, your social security number, citizenship, and civilian grade to be supplied in your contact details). Carefully fill up the required pre-printed application forms, and don’t hand in more documents than what you’re asked for.

Other Things to Keep in Mind

When writing government resumes, emphasize your skills and achievements, and do not skimp on the section for your education – it counts for more in government jobs than in private firms. Make sure your information is complete and up to date, and that you reflect the wording of the job announcement in your resume.


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